Dance Monkey / pupils of Gymnasium Bad Leonfelden (AT) & Motomachi Highschool Hiroshima (JP), Photo: Gymnasium Bad Leonfelden,- Motormachi Highschool Hiroshima

Animation Festival: Young Animations

A collaboration between Ars Electronica and OeAD, curated by Sirikit Amann (AT)

Ars Electronica Center, Seminarraum
Sun 10. Sep 2023 10:00 – 11:00

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Like every year, the work of talented filmmakers up to the age of nineteen is celebrated in the category Young Animation. The program is a selection of short films created by young artists across Austria, who have submitted their projects to the Prix Ars Electronica 2023 in the u19-create your world category.

Young Animations will also be presented in the u19-create your world exhibition (POSTCITY, First floor, create your world).


Tides of March, Neo Klinger (AT), 2’
Unterwasserwelt, Sara Wanzenböck (AT), 4’
PING DOWN, pupils of ORG Henriettenplatz / Media High School (AT), 2’
Gemeinsam für ein sauberes Meer, pupils of Mittelschule St. Peter am Wimberg (AT), 1‘
Inflation, pupils of HLF Krems (AT), 4’

Torten-Desaster, pupils of HLF Krems (AT), 4’
Ratchet, pupils of BG / BRG Laa an der Thaya (AT), 3’
Mr & Mrs Strode, pupils of ORG Henriettenplatz / Media High School (AT), 3’
Der Käfig der Probleme, pupils of ORG Austrian Panorama highlights recent animation Henriettenplatz / Media High School (AT), 6’

HUE, Rebecca Heindl (AT), Ronja Hoffert (AT), Jasmin Korkmaz (AT), Nathalie Zalewski (AT), 3’
Overflow – An animated short movie, Tobias Senger (AT), Lennard Reindl (AT), 2’
Overloaded, Fabienne Andrianaivo (AT), Katharina Rohr (AT), Verena Scheiblhofer (AT), 2’
MARIMBA, pupils of BG&BRG Laa/Thaya (AT), 5’

Dance Monkey, pupils of Gymnasium Bad Leonfelden (AT) and Motomachi Highschool Hiroshima (JP), 4’
Raven Love, pupils of BORG Mistelbach (AT) RG Mistelbach, 4’
Ein halber Cent (oder die totale Destruktion des Ungewissen), für einen Blick auf das Chaos am Silver Screen, Marco Barthofer (AT), 4‘