Nocturne 2021: the Pandemic on big screen.

An extraordinary artwork, created in an extraordinary period. Nocturne brings the time of the Pandemic in the Deep Space 8K.

K'ARTS Garden: “Our work is fresh and fun”

Ars Electronica accompanied K-ARTS students for one semester. The result were eight artworks that will be shown at the Ars Electronica Festival.



Futuristic sounds, danceable pop and a pinch of humor: The Ars Electronica Nightline 2019

Ars Electronica Nightline is an annual highlight of the Ars Electronica Festival program not only for the dance-lovers. The train hall of POSTCITY hosts this late Friday lineup of media art, electronic music and performances.

"Ars and the City": In the City, with the City, for the City

What has Ars Electronica done in the city, with the city and for the city? The exhibition "Ars and the City" at the LENTOS Kunstmuseum will explore these questions during the festival on the occasion of this year's 40th anniversary of Ars Electronica.

AI x Music Festival: A look ahead

Music is probably the most emotional art form of all. If we observe people talking about music, recalling their experiences and memories, a difference to their usual style quickly becomes apparent. They touch their hearts, lower their voices, look inside, let their emotions run free. Music is an art form that expresses our feelings in an almost magical way.

Human and Machine, Dancing: SILK Fluegge

At the Ars Electronica Festival’s Big Concert Night on September 9, 2018, Silke Grabinger and two members of her SILK Fluegge troupe will dance to Symphonie Fantastique performed by the Bruckner Orchestra in the Gleishalle of POSTCITY Linz. Find out more in this interview.

Beyond Danceable: Ars Electronica Nightline

Nightline at the Ars Electronica Festival invites you to dance the night away once again this year. On September 7, 2018, the railroad loading dock (Gleishalle) at POSTCITY Linz will provide just the right ambience for Electro music. For details, read on.

Drones as Media Tool: Mixed Reality Drone Racing

What’s still just a construction site in Kapfenberg, Austria will soon be the world’s most modern stainless steel mill. One of the highlights of the groundbreaking ceremony for voestalpine’s new work was a spectacular mixed reality drone race staged right above the building site by Ars Electronica Solutions. We found out more in this interview.

The Always Astonishing World of Deep Space 8K

From music videos to dance performances and even interactive installations —there’s always something interesting going on at Deep Space 8K in the Ars Electronica Center. Let’s take a look at how creatively and diversely artists use this extraordinary space.

A Tinkerer, Two Designers and hundreds of Drones: How Swarm3D Came To Be

“And then, fortunately, the birds didn’t fall out of the sky,” said Michael Treml in a terse summary of the outcome of work over many months by an Ars Electronica Futurelab team at Rock in Rio 2017, the first public SPAXELS® drone show using Swarm3D software developed in-house in Linz. We were interested in finding out what this program can actually do and why this Futurelab custom creation is now also available as a plug-in for 3ds Max?

Long Night of the Stages 2017: Urban Dance Styles

The Urban Dance Styles program at Anton Bruckner University and the Urban Artists dance collective cordially invite you to attend a performance at the Ars Electronica Center during the upcoming Long Night of the Stages on November 11, 2017. In this interview, Markus Eggensperger, Urban Dance Styles program coordinator, clues us in about Pop, Lock, Break and the world of urban dance cultures.

VR and Theater: The Cyberräuber at the 2017 Long Night of the Stages

The next Long Night of the Stages is set for November 11, 2017 when, in addition to theaters and other stage-based performance venues, the Ars Electronica Center will host a diverse lineup of productions. The dramatis personae include Björn Lengers and Marcel Karnapke, who’ll be contributing two projects at the interface of performance and virtual reality: “Memories of Borderline” and “Pitoti Prometheus”.

“Corpus Nil”: A Performance by Man and Artificial Intelligence

Man meets artificial intelligence in a performance entitled “Corpus Nil.” Depending on the tension and posture of artist Marco Donnarumma’s body, an artificially intelligent algorithm modifies the light and sound on stage. Festivalgoers will be able to experience this spectacle live at the Big Concert Night on Sunday, September 10, 2017. In this interview, Marco Donnarumma goes into the background of his impressive performance.

Theater & Digital Media: One Topic, Two Perspectives

Theater & Digital Media is debuting as a focal-point topic at Ars Electronica this year. September 7-11, 2017, this conclave is hosting encounters of, among others, traditional institutions such as Linz’s Landestheater and performative experiments like “Breaking the Wall” by Chris and Didi Bruckmayr. In this interview, we found out how digital media are changing both classical theater and experimental performances.

SPAXELS rock in Rio - A test run near Linz

This years edition of the mega rock festival ROCK IN RIO will be the first to wow its audience with an illuminated swarm of drones. But before the Ars Electronica Spaxels® can enchant a one-million-plus of people between September 15th and 24th, a three-day marathon rehearsal was staged in Upper Austria over the last Week in March.