Digital literacy – Webinar AstroPi Basic

The Astro Pi Challenge is an annual ESA science and programming competition that gives students the opportunity to run their codes on the International Space Station (ISS). For this, a Raspberry Pi minicomputer was specially extended and transformed into an AstroPi. Equipped with cameras and various environmental sensors, the AstroPi offers students the opportunity to design scientific experiments from scratch – from the idea, scientific background and programming to execution. The goal is to demonstrate the possibilities of computer programming and encourage students* to improve their digital literacy skills and foster their interest in STEM subjects.

Learning Objectives:

  • what a Raspberry Pi is, its main functions and extensions and how to set it up and use it
  • how they can program with Python
  • how it can measure environmental parameters using a sensor module
  • how to do scientific research with computer tools

To help you as teachers to support your students in the best possible way to realize their projects, we offer an AstroPi workshop for teachers.

You can find the used documents here: Explanation AstroPi and slides Python.

You can find documents for the classroom here.

Webinar Basic

Advanced training in the 2023/24 school year. Or welcome to schools for multiple interested parties.

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