A physical swarm and herd simulation

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This installation is an interactive experience based on real-life animal tracking data. Not only are the mechanical animals – robots – of Migrate interacting with each other but also with visitors. In a shared space, people can walk around within the miniature world together with artificial lifeforms.

Migrate simulates herd behavior and migration patterns in speculative robotic ecosystems, allowing us to discover patterns of competition and cooperation in a system of “species”. It is filling in for the increasing numbers of natural species that are going extinct, and providing continued mystery and delight for all of us who are fascinated with the beauty of strange, non-human creatures.

On the one hand – motivated by the high extinction rate – Migrate puts robots into the roles of biological lifeforms and asks what this means for societies. On the other hand, it’s a tangible ecosystem, which serves as a platform for swarm and herd behavior research.


Peter Holzkorn, Daniel Rammer

Migrate received an honorary mention for the 2020 Ars Electronica Futurelab Ideas Expedition