Data Art & Science Project

We are living in the midst of a dramatic transformation of everyday life and society brought about by the digital revolution. Our daily activities and the various events and environments that surround us generate vast amounts of data. “Data science,” the exploration of its use, and the “data scientists” who specialize in this field are becoming increasingly important: to discuss what data is for, who it is for in the first place, who owns it, and who can turn this new shared value into solutions for various social issues.

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The Ars Electronica Futurelab, in collaboration with Toyota Coniq Alpha in Japan, is envisioning “Data Art & Science,” a new interdisciplinary field that incorporates artistic perspectives on future transformations based on data science. In this project, we collaborate with artists and data scientists to prototype projects that embody Data Art & Science using the Ars Electronica Center’s immersive environment, the Deep Space 8K. Through this process, we research a curriculum for learning in this field. Based on the results of this research, we plan to design an educational program in collaboration with universities that have a data science faculty and conduct a demonstration experiment.

The new art-science professionals that will emerge from this field are the innovators of the future. They will use data to understand the meaning of the world around us, conceptualize this new meaning through art, and put it into practice in future society. By creating such next-generation experts, we hope to solve some problems facing Japan and the world and promote change toward a better future society.

More Details on the Data Art & Science Project 2023 @Deep Space 8K

This project was part of the Open Futurelab at the Ars Electronica Festival 2023.


Ars Electronica Futurelab: Arno Deutschbauer, Peter Holzkorn, Kyoko Kunoh, Otto Naderer, Nicolas Naveau, Hideaki Ogawa, Maria Pfeifer
PARTNER: Toyota Coniq Alpha
Deep Space 8K Program Collaborators: Akiko Nakayama, Quadrature, Akira Wakita

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