Art in Flux

Art in Flux Live: Autonomy @ Ars Electronica Channel

Samstag, 12. September 2020, 17:00 - 17:55
Alle Termine werden in der Mitteleuropäischen Sommerzeit (MESZ / UTC+2) angegeben.
Ars Electronica New World Channel

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Live Event streamed on the Art in Flux Youtube channel

The Art in Flux founders introduce the ethos of the organisation and their own practices through live video tours. Kimatica Studio will share an overview of their career and insights on the creative process behind their new media performances and interactive digital installations. Aphra Shemza, a multimedia artist and activist will present a documentary of her light based and interactive sculpture exploring key themes within her practice. Media artist and researcher Dr. Oliver Gingrich will introduce his practice and Analema Group will tour key projects, reflecting on relationships between sound, colour, light and movement. The event finishes with a guided tour of the online exhibition created exclusively for Ars Electronica.

PARTICIPANTS: Maria Almena, Oliver Gingrich, Kimatica Studio, Aphra Shemza and Analema Group.

Friday 11th September: Art in Flux Live: Autonomy online event on Art in Flux Youtube channel with ticket registration link