Immersify: Der Stephansdom durchleuchtet – Artist Presentation
ScanLAB Projects (UK), RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems (AT), Dombauhütte St. Stephan zu Wien (AT), Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

Der Stephansdom durchleuchtet lädt Deep-Space-8K-BesucherInnen zu einer interaktiven 3D-Reise durch high-resolution 360​​°-Bilder des Wiener Stephansdoms ein. Die Bilder, die aus mehr als 21 Milliarden Laserpunkten bestehen, bilden zusammen die Transparenzschichten des heiligen Gebäudes.

Future of Inclusion Lab
Rashin Fahandej (US)

American Arts Incubator is a creative exchange program that utilizes community-driven digital and new media art projects to instigate dialogue, build communities, bolster local economies, and further social innovation while addressing a local social or environmental challenge. This year’s iteration in Austria was led by artist Rashin Fahandej, who ran the “Future of Inclusion Lab,” a series of co-creation workshops that provided technology and resource access to Austria-based creatives.

Kepler's Garden Tours

Die Projekte, die im Rahmen der Gartenausstellungen an der JKU präsentiert werden, fördern das Zusammenspiel von Kunst, Forschung und Industrie/Design, wie eine Gruppe ausgewählter Kunstwerke zeigt, die die Gartenmetapher aufgreifen und mit ihr spielen, die Lit-Projekte - in denen die JKU eine Reihe ihrer neuesten Forschungen präsentiert - und die STARTS Ausstellung , die faszinierende, kreative und preisgekrönte Projekte aus dem Innovationsbereich zeigt.

Acquired Immunity. Beyond Cultivamos Cultura

Virtual tours of the natural and social landscape around Cultivamos Cultura.

Mission X

Mission X is an international school class competition that has been in existence since 2011 and is held annually in over 25 countries worldwide. NASA and ESA have developed a series of exercises and lessons to teach space knowledge, exercise, sports and the importance of healthy eating in daily life.


Countless satellites orbit earth. They constantly provide new images and insights about our planet and move it into ever new perspectives. The view from above is the starting point for an interdisciplinary view of the Earth and the implementation of these themes in design lessons.

Worldviews Of scientific consideration and creative (re)interpretation

Countless satellites orbit earth. They constantly provide new images and insights about our planet and move it into ever new perspectives. The view from above is the starting point for an interdisciplinary view of the Earth and the implementation of these themes in design lessons.

ESERO Austria (AT)

ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) is a project run by the European Space Agency (ESA) and education partners in various European countries to promote the interest of young people in scientific issues (MINT subjects in primary and secondary education). In order to achieve this goal, ESERO offers teachers a wide range of teaching materials and training programs. ESERO Austria has been active at the Ars Electronica Center Linz on behalf of ESA and FFG/BMK since 2016.

The City as a House – A speculative exploration of the possibilities of abolishing known forms of habitation
Rebecca Merlic (HR)

Vast amounts of pictures, sounds, videos and 3D scans are organized as environments in Rebecca Merlic’s The City as a House, in form of an interactive visual novel. A work about the experiment of a white European 30-year-old heterosexual human living in Tokyo without inhabiting a private apartment over a period of time. A speculative exploration of the possibilities of abolishing known forms of habitation.

If once we ever were by Jaime Carrejo (USA)
Black Cube Nomadic Museum (USA)

Black Cube Nomadic Museums’ executive director and chief curator Cortney Lane Stell presents If once we ever were, a virtual recreation of a public sculpture and temporary monument by artist Jaime Carrejo that recognizes immigrants and their contributions to our communities. The monument is a triumphal arch composed of chain-link fencing that originally appeared in Denver, Colorado and acts as a metaphor for boundaries—the delineation of private and public space, the division of geographical borders, and the separation of rights.

Augmented Idolatry (AI) - inaugural project of the Desert Valley Art Ranch (VAR), San Luis Valley, Colorado

Augmented Idolatry (AI) is a collective AR artwork composed of seven distinct AR idols, designed in direct response to the landscape, history and spirituality of the San Luis Valley, home to the artist residency “Desert Valley Art Ranch.” An actual mud plinth built on-site is shared among the seven AR idols and connects them to the land. The AR idols refer to memento mori, indigenous histories, natural resources and sacred geometries.

Green Nonsense

Green Nonsense ist ein kreatives Food Labor, bei dem die Wissensvermittlung von zentraler Bedeutung ist. Es soll das vom Aussterben bedrohte Wissen über wilde Heilkräuter, die in der freien Natur wachsen und im Bereich Traditionelle Europäische Medizin Anwendung finden, als „food und experience design“ erklärt werden.

Rio Verde
Cherish Marquez (US)

Rio Verde is a socially conscious video game by Cherish Marquez that explores the healing powers of the desert, as well as themes such as Latinx iconography and mental wellness.

Synesthetic Architecture
Refik Anadol (TR), Kenric McDowell (US)

In Synesthetic Architecture, Refik Anadol (TR/US) and Kenric McDowell (US) take viewers on a journey into artistic and creative practice at the intersection of artificial intelligence, architecture and spatial design. They discuss both Refik’s personal experience of diving into deep learning technologies as a means of artistic expression and the development of this hybrid field over the past years.

Crosser & LaMigra
Rafael Fajardo (US)

Crosser & La Migra are two video games that represent opposite perspectives on the dynamics at the US-Mexico border, rendered as early arcade graphics and presented as a diptych. Artist and designer Rafael Fajardo is the founding director of SWEAT, a loose collaborative that makes socially conscious video games in order to explore the poetics of interactivity, critique and deploy electronic media, and comment on cultural realities.

Fermenting Futures: BioArt and Yeast Biotechnology in Uncertain Times
Anna Dumitriu (UK), Alex May (UK)

"Fermenting Futures" ist ein Projekt der Künstler*Innen Anna Dumitriu und Alex May, das die Bereiche BioArt, synthetische Biologie, digitale Technologien, Skulptur, Kunsthandwerk und Installation erforscht und die Bedeutung der Hefe-Biotechnologie aus kultureller Perspektive untersucht.

John Jota Leaños

Leaños directed and produced the animated documentary, Frontera!, retelling the history of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico. The film has been supported by a 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship in Film and Video and a National Association for Latino Arts and Culture Grant, among others. Collaborators: Conroy Chino (Acoma Pueblo), Warren Montoya (Santa Ana Pueblo, Tamaya and Santa Clara Pueblo, Khapo Owinge’), Lee Moquino (Santa Clara Pueblo, Zia Pueblo, Apache/Yaqui), Aimee Villarreal, and Cristóbal Martinez (Alcalde).

Emilie Trice & LAST/RESORT present Garden del Rio Grande

Garden del Rio Grande pays homage to the geographic region around the Rio Grande River, which runs from central Colorado along the U.S./Mexico border to the Gulf of Mexico. Our garden contemplates how technology can reconnect us to the land and amplify indigenous voices, while questioning to what extent can art and design fortify sustainable ecologies. Through emerging technology we seek to reverse-engineer the past in order to reimagine the future.

Multi-eyed creature navigating and traversing the grove
PhAMA/ FAMM department at Vilnius Academy of Arts (LT)

AE Garden Vilnius Mozilla Hub hosts directed multiangle and XR Live Experience of the Garden where around 10 live events and usual grove life are happening in numerous spaces inside and outside and dozen cameras are directed by humans, animals and plants. You can navigate through busy culture events or find your calm spot to enjoy the life of nature.

Tree of/and Life
Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe, Lviv, Ukraine (UA)

The film tells the story of a craftsman's creativity and his connection to a tree that extracts an invisible form from a material substance. The act of creating by a human being is subject to the power of the substance that governs the carver independently determining the result. The subjectivity of nature is also manifested in the film through chemical damage - images and memory are absorbed and disappear behind the veil.