Speculative Speculations on Art and Values

How linking the brain to the Blockchain reveals the value of human values (CQC)

Wine Tasting Party

Garden participants bring their best wine for a friendly sensory experience. Each Kepler Garden can invite local artists, scholars, curators and engineers to come with a selected bottle of local wine (according to their origin) and share the experience of ingesting it through their screens and microphones.

Hong Kong Garden
Art Practices in Hong Kong at the Time of Global Seclusion

Nine contributors of artists, curator, lab founder and researcher will share their experiences and insights on the recent challenges in their practices.

Public Symposium: How and Why Artworks Feel?
MindSpaces (EU) and MindSpaces (HK)

Key contributors to MindSpaces EU and MindSpaces HK will present their research in the framework of Horizon2020 MindSpaces/S+T+Arts research project.

Art in Labs
School of Creative Media, CityU. SCM faculty

Art in Labs will be introduced by the Dean of the School of Creative Media, CityU. SCM faculty stage their latest projects.

VoV Workshop: Making Art from the Brain to the Blockchain

Participating “Brain Workers” are invited to create their VoV token by shaping values through neurodesign in the Brain Factory. VoVs are immaterial assets, as well as brain-designed 3D models. Brain Workers propose reifications of the abstract models as artworks. This is how they start to make sense out of a frozen value.

Collective Curated Exhibtions I: On the Road, Young Media Artists in China

A collaborative project between SCm/CityU HK and Guan Shang Yue Museum of Art, Shenzhen, presenting 50 installations by 35 artists; which involved 15 curators, art critics and scholars from China and Hong Kong. It provided an overview of the media art scene across China today, and demonstrated how young Chinese artists are exploring and combining both older and ‘newer’ media to new ends.

Solo Exhibition III: Maurice Benayoun – Introduction to Value of Values
Maurice Benayoun (FR/HK)

Morphogenesis of Values (MOV) video reveals the stakes and objectives of the VoV project and the outcomes for the coming show in 2021. MOV is developed from VoV, transactional neuro-design art project that provokes questions of human values with relation to art, philosophy, poetry, ethics, the environment and surveillance. It resonates with how we will define human goals in a post-pandemic world.

Solo Exhibition IV: Tobias Klein – Metamorphosis or Confrontation
Tobias Klein (GE/HK)

This film is a short documentary of the solo exhibition Metamorphosis or Confrontation of the German artist Tobias Klein at the Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery. The documentary is structured as the exhibition in four parts with an introduction. Bones, Masks, Mutations and Forces are the chapters and provide a detailed insight into the various curatorial strategies - making the diversity in the artist's work visible.

Thematic Curated Exhibtions I: Leonardo Da Vinci – Art & Science. Then & Now
Isabelle Jennifer Frank (US/HK)

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death, this exhibition presents original drawings by Leonardo da Vinci from the Pinacoteca and Biblioteca Ambrosiana. The drawings are accompanied by five machines modeled on Leonardo’s designs, and by the works of contemporary artists – most of them faculty at SCM CityU HK – reflecting on Leonardo’s persistent legacy and influence into the digital age.

Solo Exhibition II: Tamás Waliczky – Imaginary Cameras
Tamás Waliczky (HU/HK)

From Hong Kong to the Hungarian Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale, Waliczky revisits technologies in a non-linear history of the moving image.

Solo Exhibition I: Jeffrey Shaw – WYSIWYG
Jeffrey Shaw (AU//HK)

A major retrospective of Shaw’s classic and new artworks. The show spans the prolific career of the Visionary Pioneer of Media Art (Golden Nica 2018).

Refik Anadol (TR/US), MoBen / CityU HK

DïaloG is an urban media art installation developed by Maurice Benayoun (MoBen/CityU HK) and Refik Anadol (AnalogNative). In the public space (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain) two “living” entities face each other. They don’t look like the living beings we know. They don’t speak any language we know. They are aliens, strangers, immigrants. Facing each other they gradually mutate. They seem to react to their environment. Even more, they clearly desperately try to understand each other.

Hong Kong Escape Views
Maurice Benayoun (FR/HK)

Hong Kong Escape Views, Interactive installation, 360 videos. High-Res video panoramas of Hong Kong reveal the unseen.