Future Humanity Journey

Ein Tag im Jahr 2040: Wie würde unser Tag in 20 Jahren aussehen? Future Humanity Journey ist ein experimenteller Workshop.

create your world space tour: Hacking Humans for Space and STEAM in Space

​​In partnership with spaceEU, the create your world festival comes directly into your classroom. Under the title “create your world: space TOUR” we can offer you two popular workshops for free. The contents are about future issues as well as competencies such as critical thinking and solution-oriented action. Space serves as a source of inspiration and communication.

Step into Space Print at Home Exhibition

​​Become an exhibition designer and explore the fascination of space at the same time. Print the pdf Step into Space booklet on A4 and the pdf Step into Space Exhibition on A3. The booklet tells you how to do it.

Welcome to spaceEU Linz

​Ars Electronica has a long history of working with space related content and narratives. The EU project spaceEU allowed them to open new collaborations on a European level. Together with eleven organizations, Ars Electronica developed and produced a wide range of space engagement activities addressing youth, families and teachers.


Countless satellites orbit earth. They constantly provide new images and insights about our planet and move it into ever new perspectives. The view from above is the starting point for an interdisciplinary view of the Earth and the implementation of these themes in design lessons.

Worldviews Of scientific consideration and creative (re)interpretation

Countless satellites orbit earth. They constantly provide new images and insights about our planet and move it into ever new perspectives. The view from above is the starting point for an interdisciplinary view of the Earth and the implementation of these themes in design lessons.

ESERO Austria (AT)

ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) is a project run by the European Space Agency (ESA) and education partners in various European countries to promote the interest of young people in scientific issues (MINT subjects in primary and secondary education). In order to achieve this goal, ESERO offers teachers a wide range of teaching materials and training programs. ESERO Austria has been active at the Ars Electronica Center Linz on behalf of ESA and FFG/BMK since 2016.

Die Zivilgesellschaft der Zukunft
Unabhängiges LandesFreiwilligen Zentrum (AT)

Wann, wenn nicht jetzt über die Zukunft der Zivilgesellschaft reden? Wie schon 2015 die Flüchtlingskrise, hat 2020 nun auch die Coronakrise die Rolle zivilgesellschaftlichen Engagements unterstrichen. Wieder einmal wurde deutlich, wie viel jene Initiativen, Vereine, NGOs, NPOs und Einzelpersonen, die wir als „Zivilgesellschaft“ betrachten, zu tun imstande sind.

Tree of/and Life
Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe, Lviv, Ukraine (UA)

The film tells the story of a craftsman's creativity and his connection to a tree that extracts an invisible form from a material substance. The act of creating by a human being is subject to the power of the substance that governs the carver independently determining the result. The subjectivity of nature is also manifested in the film through chemical damage - images and memory are absorbed and disappear behind the veil.

Future from the past: imaginations on the margins
Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe, Lviv, Ukraine (UA)

The Center for Urban History will make video journeys to two places, which are located in rural areas but reflect urban imagination. We will travel to the Center for Space Research and Communication of the National Center for Space Management and Testing of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

Timbres of Summer
Center for Urban History of East-Central Europe, Lviv, Ukraine (UA)

The team of curators from the Center will visit Orest Bachmaha at his house on the outskirts of Lviv to conduct an interview. In the 1970s and 1980s this person was part of a huge army of amateurs, shaped in the former USSR. But he belonged to a special circle of amateurs, such as media amateurs, who produced radios and recording machines, and worked on the margin between amateur film and video art.

Symposium “Perspektiven politischer Bildung”
Arbeiterkammer OÖ (AT), Pädagogische Hochschule OÖ (AT)

Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) bzw. Artificial Intelligence (AI) ist allgegenwärtig, ohne dass wir sie immer bewusst wahrnehmen. Sie erleichtert uns schon viele Jahre den Alltag, wenn beispielsweise das Handy mittels Gesichtserkennung entsperrt wird oder uns individuelle Werbung durch das Dickicht des Internets steuert. KI kann uns Menschen manipulieren.

Scratch-Introduction: Rocket launch!

You can`t get to space without the help of computers – so here’s an introduction for children (10-14 years) who want to learn programming. Via the free online platform Scratch we will animate an interactive rocket launch.

Die Menschine
Kommhaus (AT)

Die Menschine ist ein Buch über die Verbindung und Verschmelzung von Mensch und Maschine. Renommierte Experten verschiedener Disziplinen beleuchten in Texten Themen wie Digitalisierung, Vernetzung, Robotik, Künstliche Intelligenz, industrielle Revolution und Industrie 4.0.

A Fungus Garden Manifesto (2020)
Museo del Hongo community

How would a fungus-only garden look like? A fungus garden Manifesto calls upon the local community of mycophiles that have collaborated within Museo del Hongo throughout its history. Converging perspectives from a variety of disciplines and research, in this round table we bring together ideas on how can we shape a sustainable, mycocentric future.

Sun Sun (2020)
Konantü (Courtney Smith & Iván Navarro)

In these dark pandemic times, Sun Sun invites us to invoke the sun and its light through an interactive poetry game that defies syntax logics, imagining new ones under a limited series of 8 words and their mutual combinations. The exhibition includes a set of 64 cards to print and play at home, a selection of songs that are related to the sun and videos to demonstrate and exemplify how the game goes.

BIO AUSTRIA Bauernmarkt: Ökologie die schmeckt

Am 12. September präsentieren sich die Bäuerinnen und Bauern von BIO AUSTRIA mit ihren regionalen, einzigartigen Produkten in den Kepler`s Gardens.

Lichen Kelp, Jessie French

A two-part workshop series by the Seaweed Appreciation Society International that invites you on a field trip to another world - an alternate seaweed reality, where edible algae bioplastics are mixed up alongside refreshing seaweed cocktails. By speculating on a radically sustainable seaweed future, we will be asking if biomutualism can play a part in our everyday lives in the future. A radical sustainable seaweed intervention has never felt more urgent.

Oribokit: Gardening for Robots
Matthew Gardiner (AU)

Robotic Origami Workshop with Matthew Gardiner. ’Oribokit: Gardening for Robots‘  introduces a new artscience kit by Ars Electronica Futurelab researcher Matthew Gardiner. The kit allows you to make your own robotic garden at home. The assembled kit grafts onto a tree branch and is designed to minimise material usage and maximise modular recyclability for robotic origami applications. Kits include 1,2 or 3 oribotic blossoms featuring easy-to-fold laser-cut paper, servo motors, drive wires, and Arduino compatible STM32 microcontroller plus open-source firmware.

Beside the Nibelungen bridge / Neben der Nibelungenbrucke
Matthew Gardiner (AU)

Festival, late, Golden Nicas delivered. A mixed hoard spill into Linz; eclectic electric musicians chattering in nihongo, intro-and-extro-verted artists and friends not seen for an age for the tyranny of distance. Drawn involuntarily to places warmer and happier than Hans in Glück, to a lone Würstlstand in Linz. Perhaps beside the Linzer Nibelungenbrucke.