Valparaíso Brushwood Garden

el violador eres tú

LASTESIS collective

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el violador eres tú is a small-format staging that, using the collage technique, links performance, sound and visual experimentation, with the aim of generating a graphic, visual and scenic assessment of theoretical essays that address gender issues from a feminist perspective. el violador eres tú is based on The Elementary Structures of Violence by Rita Segato (2003). Through staging, LASTESIS collective seeks to transfer theory to a multimedia format through performance. Said performance would show the synthesis of various gender issues, at the same time that it would operate as a territory of verification of feminist claims raised from an academic-theoretical universe, transferred to a device for multiple audiences.

The Video-collage was edited by the collective based on the records made at the HAU hebbel-am-ufer theater, March 11, 2020, Berlin, Germany, at the Valparaíso Theater Synthesis Festival on May 11, 2020, Valparaíso, and from Interventions of this work, carried out in different parts of the world, November-March 2020.