Hum of the Earth

Liliia Akivenson (RU), Evgenii Savenko (RU)

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Sound performance

A sound performance based on a joint project that arose from two elements: noise, and an anthropological interest in how people react to the spontaneous invasion by «unthinkable sound» of their private and hermetic sound reality. Every audible sound has its source, but what could we do with the sudden appearance of unfamiliar disturbing noises that persistently change everyday life towards total unrecognisability? The mythologeme of the «Hum of the Earth» interests artists as a vantage from which to interpret non-everyday noise and its contexts: from the subjective-affective to the mass-eschatological.


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Liliia Akivenso (RU): Liliia Akivenson is a sound researcher, a Lecturer of Noise at SRI (Scientific Research Institute, with a regular seminar «Sound in the Field»), and a graduate of IEA RAS (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Her scientific interests include thanatological practices, sound studies and deep listening.

Evgenii Savenko (RU): Evgenii Savenko has been working with sound since 1996. He has been a curator and moderator of noise scenes in various festival venues since 2005. As an artist (aka Lunar Abyss Deus Organum/Mykoriza/Hattifnatter/Боевые Цикады), he participates in festivals of varying scale, such as SKIF, Electromechanica andSpace of Joy.