Sound performance “Techno-soils. Vibrofabricat”
Boris Shershenkov (RU)

Sound performance “Techno-soils. Vibrofabricat "isdedicated to working with vibrationalfields of urban techno-soils. The streams of mechanicalenergy captured with the geophonesbecome audible when the equilibrium states of theauthor's electroacoustic system of thePhonotrone type are violated.

Un suono in estinzione Guided Tour
Pablo Bes Alonso

In this guided tour, we are going to present one of the projects curated by Filippo Rosati from Garden Bologna as a premier. The project that we are going to present is Un suono in estinzione, art & science project aimed at monitoring climate change implications on alpine glaciers through an artistic exploration.

Sound performance “Insects Orchestra: Underground”
Andrey Bundin (RU), Roman Smirnov (RU), Ksenia Bahtina (RU), Evgenii Khlopotov (RU), Anton Shchegolev (RU), Natalia Grishina (RU), Anastasia Birulia (RU)

A performance of a laptop orchestra is based on the research and artistic reflection of the underground world's sonic nature. Acoustic material of the work consists of sounds recorded using contact microphones attached to the ground, trees, rocks. In addition, performers use musical expression interface and sound synthesis engine, specifically developed for this performance. Every performer plays a specific part, and then all parts are combined into a complex spatial sound field.

Roots & Seeds XXI: Campus Cartographies
Veronika Krenn (AT), masharu (NL/RU), Raphael Perret (CH), Tiziana Centofanti (IT), Andreas Zingerle (AT), Markus Puschenreiter (AT), Franz Stürmer (AT)

The Campus Cartographies are an exploration of plant diversity in and around the Kepler Gardens taking place during this year’s Ars Electronica Festival in the framework of Roots & Seeds XXI. Together with host Veronika Krenn, the participants dive into one aspect that has a critical impact on our plant life: the soil that is its basis for growth.

Art & Science in Times of Complexity and Crisis
Andrew Newman

It may seem unfathomable that we could ever grasp the sheer complexity of the interdependencies of Ecosystem Earth. Each and every one of our quantum computers would crash when faced with the task of mapping all interactions from our microbiomes to the zonobiomes. One human mind cannot comprehend it all, but multitudes of minds have tirelessly worked towards contributing to a shared scientific knowledge that together unravels these interdependencies.

Journey - The Pulse of Earth
UAI Universidad Abierta Interamericana (AR), LatBiolab – Laboratorio Latinoamericano de Bioarte (AR), Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust (PR)

They Journey "The Pulse of Earth" will give the online visitors an impression of the garden Buenos Aires.

Interactions Between Nature, Science and Art
Lía Aliaga (CL), Francisco de Lara (ES), Carlos Rivera (LU / CL), and Antonio Hales (CL)

Round Table: \"Interactions between Nature, Science and Art\". Both institutions invited the following speakers to discuss the theme: Francisco de Lara (ES) and Carlos Rivera (LU / CL) [both invited by Fundación Mustakis]; and Antonio Hales (CL) [invited by ALMA Observatory]. Discussion to be led and moderated by Lía Aliaga (CL).

Prix Forum: Im/Material Infrastructures
Samaneh Moafi / Forensic Architecture (FA), masharu (NL/RU), tranxxeno lab / Adriana Knouf, PhD (US), Jens Hauser (DE/FR/DK)

Das Prix Forum – Artificial Intelligence & Life Art ist eine offene Diskussion zwischen den drei PreisträgerInnen des Prix Ars Electronica 2021 und der Jury.

Garden PR and Garden Buenos Aires Program
Joaquín Fargas (AR), Giselle Aviles (PR), Carola Cintrón (PR)

This program opens with a welcome from our host institution, the UAGM Museum. Soon after, Joaquín Fargas’ performance will take place, effectively connecting Garden Buenos Aires with Garden Puerto Rico. The performance will attempt to showcase the Earth’s lifeforce as it relates to our human body, where information is dispersed in every cell, while also being interconnected as a whole – a sort of crypto body.

There Is No Planet B
Globale Erwärmung und menschliche Verantwortung

Energie ist die Grundlage für Leben. Kleinste Organismen brauchen sie ebenso wie wir Menschen. Doch nicht nur unser Körper muss mit Energie versorgt werden, sondern auch unsere gesamte Gesellschaft: etwa unsere Elektrogeräte, unsere Transportmittel oder unsere Industrie. Und woher kommt die Energie?