Entangled Realities
Sebastian Pirch (AT), Norbert Unfug (AT), Christiane Hütter (AT), Jörg Menche (DE)

The human species is surrounded by networks. Interrelations shape our physical and digital environment, from airports and cityscapes to social or genetic interactions. An invisible body of connections is interwoven within our physical reality. The digital and physical shall form a symbiotic realm, visualized in a virtual world to be experienced by a human spectator. Through transitioning in between different environments, from urban networks to the human body, the Entangled Realities communicate the diversity of complex systems shaping our human habitat.

Neanderthal Programming for Sceptics
Deborah Hustic (HR), Paula Bucar (HR), Damir Prizmic (HR)

The intergenerational online workshop is intended for beginners of all ages willing to delve into the logic of the programming processes

Workshop Nature Data – Creative IoT
Goran Mahovlić (HR)

A Catalogue of Electro Entities is based on the spectrum of diverse ways to engage in the process of interactivity and interactions with electronic devices and objects we create.

Journey - Molten Airs
Institutio Media (LT), Alt lab in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists' Association (LT)

The Journey “Molten Airs” gives the online visitors an impression of the garden Vilnius. In its three-part speculative workshop series, each created by a different artist, garden Vilnius speculates on the human relationship to plants, food, and energy. By using methods borrowed from the sciences, the series delves into unknown interactions between small and large, real and fictional, alive and not alive, us and them. The audience is invited to contribute to the workshops with their stories, images and sounds.

Journey - Hybrid Creations
Alta Tecnología Andina – ATA (PE), Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI (PE)

The journey "Hybrid Creations" gives an impression of the garden Lima and its topics.

Yu-Chiou Tchen (TW), Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Chieh-Hua Hsieh (TW), Li-Chuan Lin (TW), Akibo Lee (TW), Po-Yu Wang (TW), Billy Chang (TW), Li-En Hsu (TW), Jia-Hong Chen (TW), Shu-Yu Tsai (TW)

SAYION consists of three acts to describe the complexities of various generations: Search, Obsession, and Death. Lost in a maze and in pursuit amid a varicolored world, reality and fantasy shift and interweave to create a magical realm. With 720-degree VR positioning and a 3D real-time motion capture system responding to suspension equipment, dancers break free from the spatial limitations and frame of the stage. Brilliant colors captivate the audience, creating a unique sensory experience! During Japanese rule (WWII), Sayion's (17yr old TW Austronesian girl) death was manipulated and glorified with songs, paintings and movies to promote patriotism.

Chia-Hui Lu (TW), Vick Wang (TW), Suet-Er Hee (TW), Sara Hsiao (TW), Gian Lee (TW), Wei-Che Hung (TW)

AMORE is an avant-garde production created to elevate the artistry of performing, conceptual, kinetic, digital, video, and abstract art. Paul Chiang's paintings are the foundation from which 3D animation techniques catalyze the art to life. Through the combination of intense piano repertoires, multimedia technology, contemporary and abstract moving art, diverse styles are revealed to present a dramatic music-based performing art that is a banquet for the senses. Of all the emotions, the most seductive and touching is Love. Love is my muse and is the most inspirational and greatest charm of all time.

Networking Party on VRChat
ARTNORI: Ark Park(KR), Junghoon BakShim(KR), Jun Ryu(KR), Minah Kim(KR), Jiyoung Hong(KR), Hyeri Lee(KR), Wonjeong Lee(KR), Sol Yoon(KR), Jeongwoo Park(KR), Woogyeong Lee(KR), Juyeong Park(KR), Jeongwook Goh(KR), Hongseok Lee(KR), Dongyoung Won(KR), Junghoon Han(KR), DarwinTech Corp.(KR), Yunjeong Kim (VRChat PD)

Due to the coronavirus, we lost our space to listen to music and dance. We want to recreate the joy of fantasy in a virtual space, play and dance with global people. Club culture has been centered on Western music and Western dance so far. ARTNORI will invite you to the 'Jang-gu in the Club', where anyone can dance excitingly with traditional Korean sound based on Samullori Instrumental Music.

Pavel Méndez Hernández  (CU)

I believe in the power of art to de-automatize the gaze and my mission is to transform that aptitude into action. I develop philosophical works that focus on the human being, on the prejudices and external predispositions that underlie their experience.

PolySocial Project Exhibition
Bartlett School of Architecture Design for Performance and Interaction Students 2020-2021

A student project exhibition showcasing MArch Design for Performance and Interaction work in progress. A physical exhibition housed in an East London venue, projects will also be made accessible online as a narrated walk-through which will be live streamed on various platforms.