Alchemists of the Future: Online Video Journey

Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

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The Ars Electronica Futurelab is a laboratory and atelier for future systems. Since its beginnings in 1996, it has been creating opportunities for a joint dialogue through the development of future prototypes. This year, the lab celebrates its 25th anniversary – at a time marked by a pandemic and the climate crisis that is being felt dramatically. Positive creativity is now especially needed to reinvent our future. The Ars Electronica’s think tank seeks to answer this call with its own form of future alchemy: In this journey, the lab’s Alchemists of the Future invite you to embark on a tour through their visions and ideas for the future, which you can experience throughout the Ars Electronica Center.

With this Online Video Journey, Hideaki Ogawa, Director at the Ars Electronica Futurelab invites you to become part of a shared mission. Find out what you can expect on your way through the ideas and visions from 25 years of the past, present and future of the Alchemists of the Future in this video tour that takes you through the exhibits in the Ars Electronica Center.

Alchemists of the Future: (Special) Guided Journey

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