Ars Electronica Garden Seoul

Code H

Korea National University of Arts (KR)

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With the advancement of digital technology, humans have developed language and aesthetics suited to the new technological environment. Today, social networking services and virtual media play a significant role in our daily life. Unexpected errors and messages that read differently from the initial intention give rise to a certain form of comedy. They emerge from a blended environment of reality and virtual reality with possibility for further wide-ranging change in the future. Henri Bergson considers humor as humane and as an antidote to antisocial attitudes. Humor is the most persuasive and tolerant language that contains social meaning and function. In the 2021 Ars Electronica Garden Seoul, whose central theme is Code H, we explore today’s new aesthetics and focus on humor as a means for art and technology to co-exist on a basis of humanism. Through interdisciplinary talks, online exhibits, performances and workshops this festival examines the relationship between humor and art in order to rediscover the value of humor in overcoming the post-COVID-19 era.


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Hosted by Korea National University of Arts
Organized by Art Collider Lab
Project director: Chungyean Cho (KR)
Project Management: Hana Yun (KR), Dayoung Lee (KR), Myungyean Lim (KR)
Faculty for K-ARTS, X Ars Electronica Academy: Chungyean Cho LoopnTale Insoo Park
Participating Artist Groups: 30,000ft(Kyoungbin Son, Jihyo Han, Sejun Lee, Jiyoung Park), Inter-cumulation(Jeeyoun Kim, Minjin Jeong, Sooyeon Choi, Jun Ryu, Teri Seo), ARTNORI(Ark Park, Junghoon BakShim, Jun Ryu, Minah Kim, Jiyoung Hong, Hyeri Lee, Wonjeong Lee, Sol Yoon, Jeongwoo Park, Woogyeong Lee, Juyeong Park, Jeongwook Goh, Hongseok Lee, Dongyoung Won, Junghoon Han, DarwinTech Corp.), On and Off(Jiyoung Park, Jihyo Han, Lime Gwon, Sujin Park, Jeongeun Park, Heesu Mun), MANANA(Yunji Kwon, Minhee Kim, Minyoung Lim, Wangwon Lee, Jahyuk Koo)