Ars Electronica Journeys

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Artists, researchers and creative producers take you on a journey into “their” world.

Ars Electronica Journeys is format which was successfully introduced last year in the midst of rethinking the festival due to the challenges posed by the coronavirus. Based on the hybrid festival approach the idea is to invite artists, researchers and creative producers to prepare video journeys, providing interactive guided tours without the audience’s physical presence. Beyond that, the journey guides can really invite the viewers into their “world” by not just offering exclusive insight into their fields of expertise and artistic practices, but sharing surroundings relevant to their work – be it their labs, inspiring public places, or their favorite walking routes to mull over ideas. All of the journeys are realized in different frameworks: The European ARTificial Intelligence Lab journeys put a spotlight on cutting-edge topics and developments in the realm of artificial intelligence. Studiotopia journeys offer an insight into the initiative, which brings together artists and scientists in order to promote knowledge transfer and transdisciplinary exploration.