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Ars Electronica Garden Tehran is an online sonic garden curated by Beshknow Radio – an independent online radio station and collective based in Tehran – in collaboration with Iranian sound artists from all around the world who know what a Persian rock candy infused with saffron is!

Beshknow Radio invited Iranian sound artists to contribute a retrospective mix that could depict their sonic perspective. This borderless sonic garden welcomes you virtually to lay down on a Persian rug and fly over the country of Iran, listening 24/7 to the real sound of the city accompanied by hours of field recordings as well as a big bite of electronic music from an abstract point of view.

Today, Tehran is a city of 730 km square area, twenty-five times bigger than the city it was in the nineteenth century. And, its population is about 15 million; sixty times more than the population it had during the nineteenth century. The atmosphere of Tehran is to some points incomparable with its past. One of the most key features of Tehran is its diverse cultural, economic, and architectural urban textures. Variety and plurality of the artistic and cultural events represent considerable qualities of today’s Tehran. This plurality can be heard in its soundscapes.

In addition to the pure sound part of the garden, Beshknow presents the “Learning Salon,”, an interdisciplinary weekly forum hosted by Dr. Ida Momennejad, Dr. John Krakauer, and Dr. Joshua Vogelstein, discussing bridges and contentions between biological and artificial learning with a different guest and the audience each week. Guest speakers span the fields of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, and cognitive science. The interdisciplinary discussion takes a long format, drawing an international audience who regularly attend the meeting, with close to 3000 live subscribers on Crowdcast. The sessions are available for offline viewing on youtube.”

The radio time slot is flexible during the festival days for all the time zones by splitting 24 hours to two -12hour sets of play and replay programs.

Ars Electronica Garden Tehran is set to take place online and on-site at the Johannes Kepler University Linz from September 8-12, 2021.


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The Learning Salon (Ida Momennejad – Joshua Vogelstein – John Krakauer)
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