Who are you?
Alexandru Berceanu (RO), Grigore Burloiu (RO)

Who are you? is an AI-powered conversation on the future. The conversational bot was trained on several science fiction novels as well as other writings about the future.

Dragoș Dogioiu (RO)

Anamnesis is a VR experience that deals with the distinctively subjective perception of reality that is inherent to children. By exploring three different episodes from the life of the author, the project shows real events that are enhanced by the power of imagination.

Mihai Barbu (RO), Andrei Cristian Florea (RO)

The Empatree is based on a personality-like questionnaire. The result of the questionnaire is the personality of the participant reflected through a tree.

The Rhythm of Data
Dilara Buran (DE)

The installation brings the sonification and data visualization of real time data tracking of estimated soil erosion and deforestation, providing a poignant rhythmic image of the degradation of our planet.

Diana Chiru (RO)

You are not just a human experiencing the universe, you are the universe experiencing itself. An audio-reactive particles installation that visitors can interact with.

Encounter with a Stranger
Tudor Dobrescu (RO), Diana Chiru (RO), Denis Flueraru (RO), Constantin Simon (RO)

As thoughts race through an elastic framework, their speed and frequency breathe perception into the mind. This mind will therefore contract and dilate. When allowing a texture as physical as thought to make its way through the labyrinth, its traces not only inhabit its corridors, but also design its surroundings.

The Particle Composer
Denis Flueraru (RO)

While air pollution keeps increasing drastically and faster than ever before due to construction sites, cars and our toxic lifestyles in general, the particle matter has become so present that it can commonly be seen floating around or more recently having a tangible effect on our lives.

Narcissus in the Digital Era
Denis Flueraru (RO)

An interactive digital installation that transposes the face into a digital confined space.

Artificial Ocean
Cristina Bodnărescu (RO)

Be it water littering, air or noise pollution, humans are responsible for all the decay taking over life itself. Artificial Ocean is an interactive sound installation that unravels the effects of our toxic positioning in the Anthropocene.