Pixels from a Past Future


Dragoș Dogioiu (RO)

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Anamnesis is a VR experience that deals with the distinctively subjective perception of reality that is inherent to children.

By exploring three different episodes from the life of the author, the project shows real events that are enhanced by the power of imagination.

Ghostly apparitions haunt an apartment while the parents are away for work, a creature from Romanian folklore tries to hunt the protagonist and set fire to a barn, while visions from the first world war pierce through the veil of reality in an old abandoned cemetery.


Dogioiu Dragos-Ion is a New Media artist interested in the study of memories, archives and narrative experiences. An eagerness to implement interactivity into his art led to working with the Unity Game Engine, producing several works designed for VR during his master’s degree at UNATC CINETIc Center.