Pixels from a Past Future

Who are you?

Alexandru Berceanu (RO), Grigore Burloiu (RO)

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Who are you? is an AI-powered conversation on the future. The conversational bot was trained on several science fiction novels as well as other writings about the future. Can we find answers about the future in old texts? Is talking about the future mainly a question of convincing attitude performance or rhetoric that can be mimicked?


Grigore Burloiu and Alexandru Berceanu teach at the ITPMA MA. Grigore is mainly working on an interactive sound system, computer assisted music and using AI in creative processes. He has collaborated on multiple interactive installations and concerts such as Lost Interferences, Violin Concerto by Fred Popovici, or Network of Emotions. Alexandru is a mixing realities director with his work ranging from interactive installations, performance, theatre, and VR. His most recent works are „Who am I?“, a human robot performance and „Lost Interferences“, an installation and interactive performance on Loss.


Who are you? Was developed with the support of an AFCN Grant “White Imprint”. The work does not represent the point of view of AFCN.