Elementary Education - Panel Discussion
Sandra Kiendler (AT), Sok-Kheng Taing (AT), Reinhard Wimroither (AT), Ana B. González Gualda (ES), Sandra Ivanschütz (AT)

Is the approach for overcoming the challenges and opening up new territory in elementary education in looking at the problem from different perspectives?

Klasse! Lernen. Wir sind digital.

The exhibition presents the education prize winners of the first open call. Students and teachers from Austrian schools worked together to show how diverse and creative Digital Education Training in schools can be.

Ars Electronica Animation Festival - Young Animations

Every year young, gifted filmmakers from Austria submit their weird, subtle, witty, utopian, critical and dystopian works for the Prix Ars Electronica’s category of u19—create your world. They show us their strong imagination, their deep understanding of certain topics, all expressed through their abilities within one medium. This program is a selection of Animations coming from young creatives and young professionals from different age groups (17-19) and skill sets.

Symposium Perspectives on Civic Education: In Between Worlds.
Arbeiterkammer OÖ (AT), Pädagogische Hochschule OÖ (AT), Ars Electronica

The title Welcome to Planet B allows many interpretations about alternative forms of living together. Are we perhaps already living in different parallel worlds? For decades, we've been talking about a "first", "second" or "third" world and distinguishing between a global North and South. In globalized contexts, people are constantly moving between these worlds. Wars and climate change additionally accelerate migration movements, which influence political decisions on a global and national level.

I’m (not) a robot
create your world (AT), c3 (HU) und mb21 (DE)

This year, Ars Electronica is once again inviting 15 young people to spend five days creating together and getting to know each other during the Ars Electronica Festival. The program already has a long tradition and, after two years as an online event, is returning to its roots and taking place on-site at the festival grounds.

Tourism of tomorrow
Ars Electronica create your world (AT), OÖ Tourismus (AT)

As part of a collaboration between Ars Electronica create your world and Upper Austria Tourism, participants in the Prix Ars Electronica project pool in the u19-create your world category are entrusted with a commissioned project. This year, Samuel Klancnik was commissioned to create an illustration or character design and to conduct artistic research.

hello world
Open Commons Linz (AT)

A colorful experience with code, robots, hacking and great mentors - that's hello world. The program is aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 12 with no prior technical knowledge. With us you get to know technique and technology in a playful way: What is code? How does a computer program work? How does an electrical circuit work? And much more! Come by and try what we do at the regular workshops in the Linz City Library. We look forward to you!

un ctrl
Daniel Kohlmeigner (AT), Martin Retschitzegger (AT), Cat Jimenez (AT)

un ctrl lets music, body and space interact in a live improvisation, playing with hierarchies through collaborative devices (SOMI-1) provided by *Instruments Of Things* and Ableton. It creates an inner experience that begins with one person recalibrating their inner perception and transitions into a collective experience of a pulsating club in deep space, while questioning deep-seated desires of our society.

CoderDojo Linz (AT)

The CoderDojo Linz is a free, volunteer-run club for children and young people aged eight to 17 who want to delve deeper into the world of technology. Supported by a team of mentors who are themselves involved in programming, children and young people can program their first computer games or even try their hand at creating a website.

Otelo - Karussell der Sinne
Otelo (AT)

Every person has his or her favorite sense, or at least a sensory channel that is readily used to express one's own thoughts and feelings. Visual design, music or intensive kinesthetic forms of expression such as dance or modeling, but also taste and smell can be used to give artistic expression to one's own current sensations.