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un ctrl

Daniel Kohlmeigner (AT), Martin Retschitzegger (AT), Cat Jimenez (AT)

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a tilt into chaos

An invisible diagram is laid like a soft cloth over a space that allows three artists* to play and interact live with each other: the musician Daniel, the dancer Cat and the visual artist Martin. From play to jam to competition for control – and suddenly to surrender to algorithms, a tipping into arbitrariness and an acceleration of opportunity. A state of uncontrollability? What comes next? Do we see the threshold? And can we resist the urge to hold on?

New tools are giving artists* more and more ways to control and direct artistic output. But does more control really contribute to expanded artistic expression? And how do we organize the flow of unforeseen coincidences into a grid of rules? Where does the subliminal desire for control come from?

un ctrl lets music, body and space interact in a live improvisation, playing with hierarchies through collaborative devices (SOMI-1) provided by Instruments Of Things and Ableton. It creates an inner experience that begins with one person recalibrating their inner perception and transitions into a collective experience of a pulsating club in deep space, while questioning deep-seated desires of our society.


Cat Jimenez is a creator, curator and cypherista. Her work revolves around establishing spaces that foster mutual understanding, co-creation and magic.

Daniel Kohlmeigner performed and released music with his House duo Ogris Debris. Today he teaches at universities, develops and leads study programs for electronic music.

Martin Retschitzegger is an Austrian visual artists, electronic musician and DJ. He works as creative director at Berlin based m box studios, which he also co-founded.

Daniel Kohlmeigner – reactive music & sound design
Cat Jimenez – dance & choreography
Martin Retschitzegger (m box studios berlin) – generative visuals