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Tourism of tomorrow

Ars Electronica create your world (AT), OÖ Tourismus (AT)

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As part of a collaboration between Ars Electronica create your world and Upper Austria Tourism, participants in the Prix Ars Electronica project pool in the u19-create your world category are entrusted with a commissioned project. This year, Samuel Klancnik was commissioned to create an illustration or character design and to conduct artistic research.

Samuel thinks about characteristics, background stories, profiles and attributes (tools, equipment, favorite clothes, environment…) to persons and puts it on paper. In his research on “Tourism of Tomorrow”, he has focused on light or stained glass (e.g. Schlierbach) and astrotourism. He sees potential and future in this in the region of Upper Austria. At the moment he is developing biographies of the people behind it, who could either possibly be active in the tourism industry of the future or simply represent vacationers or travelers. At the festival, these characters can be admired by the festival visitors.