Roots & Seeds XXI, Community Allelopathy
Roots&Seeds & Epicuro Lab Collective: Gabino Carballo (ES), Tatiana Kourochkina (ES), Claudia Schnugg (AT)

During our workshop we will be discussing the potential of future forms of allelopathy with participants. Local plants/seeds from a certified nursery will be given to each of them, as well as brining their own plants from home (or their photos, drawings, etc.) will be encouraged. With all this material, projections will be made (more or less viable or fantastic) about the influence of human culture in the creation of future plant communities.

Transdisciplinary Cultures of Collaboration
Andrew Newman (AU/AT), Audrey-Flore Ngomsik (FR/BE), Kat Austen (GB/DE), MaireĢad Hurley (IE), Andres Colmenares (CO/ES)

A sustainable future requires integrative, interdisciplinary and intersectoral approaches to engage with the complex interdependencies of human, non-human and more-than-human systems. Can a STEAM approach to education, one that emphasises the value of art in fostering creative and critical thinking, ensure that we have the necessary skills to face this challenge?

GET.Inspired by Best Practice
Bradly Dunn Klerks (NL/BE), Arisa Kamada (JP), Christoph Pasching (AT), Fara Peluso (IT/DE), Jakob Lambert (AT), Marko Vivoda (SI), Yinan Liu (NZ), Michael John Gorman (IE)

Get.Inspired Talks highlight promising, practical projects in the field of tension between art, technology and science that pursue the central question "But How?" and describe ways out of the planetary crisis.

Network Ecologies: Commitment to Change as a Way out of Crisis
Francesca Bria (IT), Giulia Foscari (IT), Eva Franch I Gilabert (ES/CAT/US), Carlo Barbante (IT)

The extreme conditions found in the Southernmost continent of planet Earth are the result of an underlying climatic cycle which is prone to human interference. This panel looks at why Antarctica has been called the ultimate continental laboratory and how the data obtained by research teams will enhances the prediction of future climate scenarios and the development of proper mitigation strategies.

Repairing the Present :REWORLD :REWILD and :RETOOL
Manuel Cirauqui (ES), Mariana Pestana (PT)

As a kickoff event to the S+T+ARTS exhibition series Repairing the Present :REWORLD :REWILD and :RETOOL, to be held respectively at MEET (Milan), MAXXI (Rome), and ZKM (Karlsruhe) throughout the fall 2022, series curator Manuel Cirauqui speaks with renowned curator and researcher Mariana Pestana about design futurity, the current state of climate emergency, the post-pandemic condition, and the performativity of creative processes on a collective level, as key factors in a time of accelerating eco-systemic transformation.

Feral Automated System: ULTB-1
Posthuman Studies Lab (RU)

The project outlines the interconnections between vegetal and computing systems in a vein of current ecological crises and diverse narrations about alternative futures. Excavating Soviet narratives of building a common world that embraces not only humans, but animals, plants and machines, we created a network composed of both vegetal and digital parts that include chips and internet protocols, along with phytomining technology and plant-based computing architectures.

Kat Austen (UK/DE) and Fara Peluso (IT/DE)

Ouroborous proposes a bioplastic LP record based on a circular relationship with new materiality in a post-extractive age. Combining new bioplastics and audio aesthetics, the installation entangles extraction, material longevity and the climate to question the position of the human in global and local ecosystems. Ouroboros is the exhibition outcome of the Circular Records project by Kat Austen and Fara Peluso.