GET.Inspired by Best Practice

Bradly Dunn Klerks (NL/BE), Arisa Kamada (JP), Christoph Pasching (AT), Fara Peluso (IT/DE), Jakob Lambert (AT), Marko Vivoda (SI), Yinan Liu (NZ), Michael John Gorman (IE)

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Sat Sep 10, 2022, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC +2).
KEPLER'S GARDENS, Keplergebäude, Lecture Hall 1
+ via the livestream of the Ars Electronica Channel

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Get.Inspired Talks highlight promising, practical projects in the field of tension between art, technology and science that pursue the central question “But How?” and describe ways out of the planetary crisis.

Protagonists with an applied approach to various sustainability topics such as mobility, energy and circular economy, give insights into their work during inspiring short presentations.

Bradly Dunn Klerks (NL/BE)

Arisa Kamada (JP)
Christoph Pasching (AT)
Fara Peluso (IT/DE)
Jakob Lambert (AT)
Marko Vivoda (SI)
Yinan Liu (NZ)
Michael John Gorman (IE)


Michael John Gorman (IE) is the Founding Director of Biotopia, the new museum and platform for life sciences and environment in development in Munich. He previously founded Science Gallery, as a global creative platform connecting science and the arts. He has worked at MIT, Harvard and as Lecturer in Science, Technology and Society and Stanford University, and now holds the Chair in Life Sciences in Society at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. He has written books on topics ranging from Buckminster Fuller´s designs to the natural philosophy of Athanasius Kircher, and recently published the monograph Idea Colliders: The Future of Science Museums with MIT Press in 2020.

Arisa Kamada (JP): Co-founder of Unisteps, an Organization established to achieve a diverse and healthy Fashion Industry. Involved in a wide range of projects to draw attention to the impact of clothing production and disposal on the natural environment and society. She is Project manager of Fashion Forntier Program, an award and education program that helps people to think about the future of fashion with experts from diverse fields. She also takes the lead its management since its launch in 2021.

Bradly Dunn Klerks (NL/BE) is the Co-Founder and Associate Director of PIATE [Platform for Innovation Arts & Technology Europe] Graduated as a 3D visual-artist designer from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem. Currently collaborating with visionary Yuima Nakazato and Japan biotech firm on the future of fashion. As former CEO of Iris van Herpen, the couture label is well known for its experiments with materials, techniques, and cutting edge echnologies. Bradly’s knowledge of the global future industry and long-term relationships with experimental artists place him at a crossroads between business and the creative field where his visions and views are esteemed and where he is regarded as “the creative maker” at the centre where it all started.

Jakob Lambert (AT) is Managing Director of One Mobility, a company founded by Republic of Austria to distribute the new “KlimaTicket” and to develop a digital cross-company National Sales Platform for all public transport tickets. Before he accounted for the introduction of the annual pass “KlimaTicket” on behalf of the Minister for Climate Action. He is a mobility and innovation expert with a demonstrated history of working in public sector and a research background in public policy with Masters in Economics and Business Law.

Christoph Pasching (AT): education in electronics and electrical engineering with focus on network engineering; IT, Hilfswerk Niederösterreich, 2003-2014; Head of Internal Programming, Hilfswerk Niederösterreich, 2015-2016; ERP Consultant, N&P, 2016-2018; Project Manager ERP, Brantner Austria, 2018 – 2022; Head of Digital Solutions, Brantner Austria, 2020 – now; Founded Brantner Digital Solutions, 2021.

Fara Peluso (IT/DE) is a Berlin based artist – designer. She is graduated in industrial design at University Architecture ‘La Sapienza’ in Rome and as graphic designer. Through the speculative research she plays how to connect the human being with nature, living organisms and biological processes in a deeper relationship. Constantly researching and taking inspiration from elements present in Nature, she believes that it’s a great Strategy for Design. The relationship between the human being and its environment is observed and the concept that we are the most important living organisms on earth is cancelled. Fara Peluso wants to contribute to raise critical questions considering it a role belonging to artists and designers, she asks how the design of new tools trough a speculative methodology can be applied in this way. Fictional artifacts that tell the story of a possible future scenario about the quality our lifes, attitudes and choices. As artist designer with a strong interest on Biology, Fara Peluso pursues her deep research on algae taking constantly inspiration from them, experimenting and understanding how to work with them inside the Art and Design field.

Marko Vivoda (SI) is an intermediate artist, curator, and producer and is self-employed in the cultural sphere. Since 2013, he is an active curator of the IZIS Festival and since 2021 the creative director of the HEKA laboratory under the auspices of KID PiNA. As an artist, he is active in the field of visual art, VJ-ing(IZLAND), he is responsible for intermediate art installations (Soundlighter, Soundlighter 2.0, REAR, Radia, Soap opera, Ambigram, Geometricus,… ) and is the co-founder of the festivals IZZA, IZIS and the first edition of the festival Strictly Analog . His furhter is co-curator of Svetlobna Gverila in Ljubljana since 2020. He is the co-founder of the Stran 22 collective and the Riiba institute and is its program manager. His mission is to constantly research and spread intermedial culture in the field of art in Istria and beyond.

Yinan Liu (NZ) is a digital artist and programmer with an architectural background from the University of Auckland. She has developed a number of installations as part of the arc/sec Lab. Yinan is the founding partner of arc/sec Solutions ltd., which develops customised applications for cross-reality environments and interactive systems. Since 2020, she has been co-organising and co-curating the annual Ars Electronica: Garden Aotearoa Festival in New Zealand. @arcsec