Ars Electronica Solutions supported büro wien in Vancouver

büro wien inszenierte kommunikation marketing gmbh (short büro wien) planned an event for ABB, which took place on 11 June 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. As location a pier in the north of the city was selected, on which event tents were set up. One aim of the event was to inspire visitors with the help of modern media technology and an innovative, intelligent overall concept. With this goal in mind, Ars Electronica Solutions helped to put it into practice by conceiving and realizing show elements based on modern media technology.

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The following show elements were realized by Ars Electronica Solutions:

Interactive Live-Performance
For this part of the show, a performer was put on a motion capture suit, which was equipped with motion sensors that were fixed to the body. The dancing motion sequences of the performer were taken from the sensors and then translated into dynamic visualizations. The live visualizations inspired by physical phenomena (particle system) were played on several coupled LED steles during the performance.

Satellite imagery tours
With its diversity and uniqueness, Planet Earth creates its own wonderful aesthetic. To grasp this from a distance is due to the technological advances of the last century. The European Space Agency (ESA) is the source of a multitude of wonderful satellite images of our planet.

Through pre-programmed camera movements through the satellite images, the wonderful work of art Earth was brought closer to the visitors via the LED steles.

Project Credits: Markus Wipplinger, Stefan Dorn, Florian Berger, Chris Bruckmayr, Ina Badics, Michael Mondria

Foto Credits: büro wien, Chris Bruckmayr, Ina Badics