Historically, mankind has spent a lot of time developing analog techniques that simplify life or optimize yield. In addition, the time span since the beginning of the digital transformation seems enormously short. People are adapting their actions faster and faster, but the complexity of digitization and its impact on our society is often overwhelming. Ars Electronica Solutions sees its task as being a mediator between familiar and still unfamiliar content to jointly shape futures in an inspired and motivated manner.

Science and Research
Never has humanity been able to conduct globally networked research and science to the extent that it has since the advent of digitization. For the resulting findings to have the necessary influence in society, we need translators like Ars Electronica Solutions who are passionate about conveying complex content and transforming it into exciting experience scenarios.
Art and cultural treasures
Art and culture make humanity a unique species. In our globalized world, getting to grips with our own and foreign cultures is more important than ever for mutual understanding. Ars Electronica Solutions stages art and cultural objects from all over the world with respect and empathy, thus ensuring unforgettable experiences.
Business and consumer goods
From the initial idea to the finished product, there’s a lot of inventive spirit, intensive examination of the market and technological development power. Ars Electronica Solutions takes this innovative energy from the business world and creates an emotional connection to the companies’ customers through extraordinary showrooms, trade show appearances, events and digital applications.

Lectures and talks on Digital Transformation: