In addition to “Sustainability Thinking” and “Digital Transformation,” “Science Experience” was developed as an experiential approach to conveying primarily scientific content. In close cooperation with scientific institutions, Ars Electronica Solutions has set itself the task of creating immersive experiences that convey knowledge. “Science Experience” is designed to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds with an exciting and accessible approach to science. Complex topics are communicated in a vivid, playful and understandable way, raising awareness of the importance of science. Only a well-informed and mature society can meet the great challenges of the future.

“Science Experience” is not limited to individual installations but is developed as an overall production. In addition to aesthetic and logistical aspects, a variety of other components are considered. These include not only lighting, sound and interior design, but also aspects such as color scheme, materiality, indoor climate, ergonomic design and the integration of modern technologies.

The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of science in our society and on our planet.