Liebherr at the booth: BAUMA 2016

Ars Electronica Solutions Showcases Heavy Equipment

BAUMA is an international trade fair for construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment. At BAUMA 2016 on the Munich Fairgrounds, Liebherr presented its L550 – L586 Wheeled Loader with a new XPower drive system. An innovative interactive media installation was designed to showcase these models’ many outstanding features and to support Liebherr representatives’ interactions with sales prospects.

Serving as the basis for this installation was slide presenter hardware, a touchscreen including an outdoor housing that had already debuted at BAUMA 2013. This year, Ars Electronica Solutions enhanced the installation with a laser position measuring system and a new substructure for the sliding system. At a total of eight positions on the presentation vehicle, animated sequences and pertinent information designed and produced by Ars Electronica Solutions were displayed on the slide presenter. Plus, the animation material can be used to good advantage after the trade show—for instance, it’s superbly suited to employee training sessions.

Project-Credits: Cecile Bucher, Klaus Dietersdorfer, Stephan Pointner, Markus Wipplinger

Foto-Credits: Ars Electronica Solutions