Styriaversum – Exponate

The following exhibits are now available at the Styria Media Group’s new headquarters:

Media Wall
The Media Wall consists of five screen-pillars that offer Styria Media Group’s visitors a variety of interaction options. In its standby mode, the Wall displays a map showing the locations of the Styria Media Group’s extensive range of business activities. In these media art visualizations, the focus is on producing, processing and delivering the news.
By approaching the Wall, visitors trigger its active mode in which they’re offered a stylish presentation of digital content that, in a variety of configurations, provides a comprehensive look at the Styria Media Group’s corporate world. Each of the five pillars is dedicated to a particular thematic cluster: Book & Radio, Styria Media Group, Daily Newspapers, Weekly Newspapers & Magazines, and Digital Products.
The interactive Wall also comes into play on guided tours, during which a tablet-equipped guide can interactively control a presentation. It’s also possible to display jumbo-format images and (live) videos as cool graphic highlights at events staged in the Lobby.

Media Table
At the Media Table, visitors can explore the Styria Media Group’s digital content. Three touchscreens provide a convenient way to navigate through information about the Styria Media Group’s subsidiaries. Websites, info pages and statistics get across an informative picture of the company’s individual divisions. With the “Send to Wall” button, users can send a screenshot of the current page to the Media Wall. Hearing cups make audio content as well as the current radio programming on Antenne Steiermark and Antenne Kärnten audible at the Media Table, and also provide an acoustic backdrop.

History Book
The interactive History Book lets viewers take a fascinating look at the history of the company and puts it in the context of larger global developments. This apparently empty book comes to life via touch, and its pages fill with historic newspaper reportage and commentary. An interface lets users access a wide array of newspapers in numerous languages.

Styria Pillar
The Styria Pillar provides up-to-the-minute looks at Styria Media Group products and serves as a source of information for staff members as well as visitors. The screens of this media installation display the current editions of the Styria Media Group’s papers in several languages. Two screens show video content provided by RCA. Upcoming events and announcement can be displayed on several of the 18 screens. Thus, the traditional big-city billboard-in-the-round is updated into an interactive screen pillar that invites Styria visitors to explore a wide variety of content. A flexible CMS enables Styria Media Group staffers to input content very simply.

Styria Table
The Styria Table in the form of the familiar Styria corporate logo represents the brand as an attractive piece of furniture. In the Styriaversum, it serves as an eye-catching way to dispense printed material. The table can conveniently be divided in two for easy transport—for instance, to trade shows where it’s a real visitor magnet at the Styria booth. The comfortable seating group around the Styria Table is conducive to relaxing and browsing.

Styria Ticker
This crawl-text display on the exterior façade of the Styria Media Center Graz plays up current news bulletins and announcements. Ars Electronica Solutions provided the content management system (CMS) that keeps the information updated. Material from the ticker of the Kleine Zeitung newspaper and radio station Antenne Steiermark is mixed with content manually fed into the CMS.

Photo Credits: Marija Karzaij

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