Ars Electronica Theme Symposium: End of Truth? / An EU DigitalDeal Conference, Keynote: The Generated Public Opinion by Meinhard Lukas (AT) Photo showing: Meinhard Lukas (on stage) Photo: Philipp Greindl

Ars Electronica Theme Symposium: End of Truth?

An EU DigitalDeal Conference

POSTCITY, Conference Hall
Sat 9. Sep 2023 11:00 – 17:00

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The knowledge revolution has a profound impact on our society. Through engaging lectures, interactive sessions and keynotes, we delve into the challenges of distinguishing fact from fiction in the digital age and explore the delicate relationship between technology, power dynamics, politics, and truth. We will discuss the risks that advancements in technologies such as AI pose to democratic processes, while exploring solutions for elected officials to navigate these challenges. How can democratic structures evolve to ensure transparency, combat misinformation and safeguard human rights? How does AI and generative content transform our consciousness, opening up a new digital frontier that transcends traditional boundaries of humanities and science. What can we still believe, and how can we combat misinformation?

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The Generated Public Opinion
POSTCITY, Conference Hall
The future of democracy in the age of AI
POSTCITY, Conference Hall
What can humans do against misinformation?
POSTCITY, Conference Hall
(What) can I believe?
POSTCITY, Conference Hall
How to Debunk Fakes – Tools & Tricks
POSTCITY, Conference Hall
End of Truth? Final remarks and wrap-up
POSTCITY, Conference Hall
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  • (What) can I believe?

    Sarah Kriesche (AT), Ken Moriyama (JP), Cailin O´Connor (US), Nandini Jammi (US), Nerima Wako (KE)

    From understanding how misinformation spreads to what you can do against it, this panel examines what we can believe and offers some alternatives to our current understanding of truth, society and identity.

  • End of Truth? Final remarks and wrap-up

  • How to Debunk Fakes – Tools & Tricks

    Florian Schmidt (AT), Valerie Schmid (AT)

    As fake images and videos as well as AI get increasingly technologically sophisticated and harder to spot, specially-trained fact checkers are needed to keep up. 

  • Interactive session: How susceptible are you to misinformation?

    Test how susceptible you are to misinformation in this interactive session.

  • Promise and Perils of AI-mediated Political Communication

    Sarah Kreps (US)

    The proliferation of Generative Artificial Intelligence has already transformed economies and societies. It also stands to impact political representation, bringing both opportunities and risks.

  • Technology, Power, and Truth. From the Invention of Writing to AI.

    Fabian Scheidler (DE)

    How is the development of technology embedded in economic, political, military and ideological power structures?

  • The future of democracy in the age of AI

    AC Coppens (FR), Audrey Tang (TW), Claudia Chwalisz (FR), Meinhard Lukas (AT), Sarah Kreps (US)

    Advancements in AI pose crucial questions that challenge existing democratic structures.

  • The Generated Public Opinion

    Meinhard Lukas (AT)

    Democracy and public discourse are mutually dependent. Their quality is determined by the basis of information. The flood of misinformation in the social media has already caused great damage here.

  • The Third Culture: How AI is changing our consciousness

    Stefan Brunnhuber (DE)

    The presentation will introduce a “Third culture” beyond humanities and science. It is this new digital technology (AI and its spin offs) that can provide the properties not only to change science and humanities, but our consciousness and our society as a whole.

  • What can humans do against misinformation?

    Nina Jankowicz (US), Marta Peirano (ES)

    An expert on misinformation, Nina Jankowicz offers valuable strategies to counter false information. In a fireside chat with Marta Peirano, journalist and researcher specialising in the relationship between technology and power, Nina will discuss not only how people can respond to misinformation and disinformation on a personal level.


This program is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union through the European Digital Deal projects.

This project was also co-funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport.