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Ars Electronica (AT)

POSTCITY, Conference Hall
Sun 10. Sep 2023 11:00 – 17:00

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The Prix Forum brings together the honored artists who have received the Golden Nica and Award of Distinction in their respective categories at Prix Ars Electronica for an artist talk and discussion of their award-winning works. Prix Electronica Exhibition is a great opportunity to not only experience the work, but also to listen directly from the artists themselves about their motivations and the artistic, technical background behind the realization of their works.

Each session will be moderated by a jury member in each category.

Prix Forum – New Animation Art
Ars Electronica Center, Skyloft
Prix Forum – Digital Musics & Sound Art
POSTCITY, Conference Hall
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  • Prix Forum – Artificial Intelligence & Life Art

    Winnie Soon (HK/UK), Oron Catts (AU), Adam Brown (US), Manuela Naveau (AT)

    Artificial Intelligence & Life Art will feature Winnie Soon (HK/UK) of the Unerasable Characters Series, winner of the Golden Nica. Adam Brown (US), Award of Distinction for Shadows from the Walls of Death and Oron Catts (AU) and Steve Berrick (AU) of the 3SDC project (Sunlight, Soil & Shit (De)Cycle) will follow as speakers.

  • Prix Forum – Digital Musics & Sound Art

    Juan Cortés (CO), Julia Jasmin Rommel (DE), Alba Triana (CO), Asher Remy-Toledo (CO/US)

    In Digital Musics & Sound Art, Juan Cortés from Atractor Estudio, winner of the Golden Nica for A Tale of Two Seeds: Sound and Silence in Latin America’s Andean Plains, will speak. Alba Triana of Harmonic Motion, winner of the Award of Distinction and Julia Jasmin Rommel of zwischenraum – interspace – acoustic cartography will…

  • Prix Forum – New Animation Art

    Ayoung Kim (KR), Bassam Issa (IE), SANGHEE (KR), Nóra Ó Murchú (IE), Helen Starr (UK)

    Prix Forum New Animation Art will feature Golden Nica winner Ayoung Kim (KR), Award of Distinction Bassam Issa (IE) and SANGHEE (KR) as speakers. The panel will be moderated by Jury members Nóra Ó Murchú (IE) and Helen Starr (UK)

  • Re-build Together: Digital, human and arts-driven innovation in Africa

    Gideon Brefo (GH), Chris Emezue (NG), Femi Johnson (NG), Tammy Langtry (ZA), David Shongo (CD)

    In this conversation, we will discuss ways to re-build the story and pathway of our countries and continents, seeking to know and understand the role that digital, human and arts-driven innovation is and can play in Africa.