Artificial Intelligence meets Music

AI x Music is an exhibition about the encounter between Artificial Intelligence and music, as well as human creativity and technical perfection. Music might be the most emotional of all art forms, but it is also deeply connected to mathematics, to the physics of sound production, and to the craftmanship of instrument makers. This means that from the very beginning, the history of music is also the history of the instruments, tools, and devices needed to perform it, record it, and reproduce it.

From the first string and wind instruments of ancient times to the digital synthesizers of today, from the wax rollers and soot-covered glass plates of the first precursors of the gramophone to the digital streaming services of the Internet, composers and musicians have always been pioneers of the technological possibilities of their time. Now Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence offer a multitude of possibilities for creative composition. Artists all over the world are already experimenting with them.

The exhibition takes a look at the cultural and technological history of mechanical music players, bridges the gap between them and the new developments in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and shows that far from being mere technological phenomena, they raise fundamental questions about the relationship between human and machine.