Consortium Partners

Ars Electronica is a cultural institution, educational facility and R&D lab based in Linz, Austria. Since the Ars Electronica Festival first took place in 1979, Ars Electronica has developed a unique, comprehensive approach to techno-cultural phenomena and gained worldwide recognition. Ars Electronica now includes four divisions — the annual Ars Electronica Festival, the Prix Ars Electronica, the Ars Electronica Center, and the Ars Electronica FutureLab – that work in parallel yet inspire one another in a circuit of creativity. From the international, artistic experimentations celebrated with the Ars Electronica Festival and the Prix Ars Electronica, to the local educational and entertainment programme of the Ars Electronica Center and the ground-breaking research conducted in the FutureLab, their approach responds to the Zeitgeist and transgresses disciplinary territories creating a space of dialogue and inter-disciplinary translation.

Digitalisation has been at the core of Ars Electronica Center’s activities since its opening in 1996. Through the years, the museum hosted events for visitors of all ages, inviting the public to speculate about the effects and changes that come with the digitalisation of our society. While the museum activities focus on citizens’ education and participation, the international, interdisciplinary team at Ars Electronica FutureLab focuses on interactive and creative scenarios, develops prototypes, and advises companies, public organisations, and cultural institutions on their approach to the Digital Revolution. In the role of coordinator of DOORS, Ars Electronica will use its extensive experience at the crossroads of digital arts, technology, industry, and society and over ten years of experience in coordinating and participating in European projects. Ars Electronica will share knowledge gained from years of critical and artistic reflection on digital developments and digitalising their content and facilities with those at the start of their digital transformation.

Contact Person: Veronika Liebl / / +43-732-7272-74

MUSEUM BOOSTER is a Vienna-based research & consultancy company with a focus on the strategic advancement of museums and cultural institutions through digital transformation and organisational innovation. MUSEUM BOOSTER focuses on four areas of activities and services: (1) identifying innovations that can enhance visitor experience of museums and cultural institutions (Future Museum – international research project), (2) conducting research on new media technologies in museums (e.g., Museum Innovation Barometer), (3) consulting museums on digital transformation and designing new revenue sources, and (4) conceptualising museums.

With a global database of 5000 museums and an ever-expanding network of creative technologists, digital transformation leaders and experts in new revenue development, MUSEUM BOOSTER will engage external expertise and support the development of pilots during the two incubation stages of DOORS. MUSEUM BOOSTER will build a comprehensive incubation programme intertwining knowledge sharing, training and mentoring formats, activities for community building and inspiration sessions. Drawing from the experience of the research project Future Museum, the learnings from the ongoing annual survey Museum Innovation Barometer, and ongoing extensive research and analysis of best practices within the cultural sector, MUSEUM BOOSTER will strengthen the DOORS network and foster collaborations and partnerships for future experiments.

Contact Person: Olga Tykhonova / / +436644664869

Ecsite, the European Network for Science Centres & Museums, is the only Europe-wide network organisation linking science centres and museums, natural history museums, zoos, aquariums, universities, and research organisations. The common thread uniting these organisations is a commitment to public engagement: pursuing the vision of fostering creativity and critical thinking in European society and emboldening citizens to engage with science and technology.

Ecsite facilitates co-operation among Europe’s science centres and museums by establishing standards, sharing expertise, disseminating best practices, encouraging collaboration, and developing training programmes. The Ecsite Conference is Europe’s most prominent meeting bringing together 1,200 science engagement professionals from around Europe and the world each spring.

Ecsite will use its experience working with and maintaining a unique network of 320+ science centres, museums, and partners to implement the DOORS’ pilot programmes. In addition to that, Ecsite will lead the development of a diagnostics assessment tool to help museums and other cultural institutions understand their digital maturity levels and needs. Alongside MUSEUM BOOSTER, Ecsite will have a key role in developing the incubation programme.

Marie Couëdic / / +32 479 79 33 89