Deep Sync

Ars Electronica Futurelab
Welcome to Planet B
A children’s pop-up book about climate change

Ars Electronica Futurelab

Sounding Letters

Memo Futurum

Magellan Robot


Biomaterial Art Lab

Hollow Words
Eine Installation, bei der der “wahre“ Ist-Zustand aus Nachrichtenartikeln in Echtzeit analysiert wird.

Hollow words aims to create a tool which displays diversity of news reports in a more creative and broader spectrum as to recognize the importance and ability to not get lost in our own echo chambers. It displays the external but also the internal perception, but in context of delayed time. The core of the installation is the evaluation of collected news article data using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Our Social Forest
Non-verbal communions in the era of social distancing

Essential Hub Project

The Essential Hub Project transforms Ars Electronica, an international creative institution, into an essential hub at the time of crisis to help our society in need.

The Zen Machine

The Zen Machine explores the role of machines in the context of spirituality and religion. The concept envisions a robot taking the place of a monk and maintaining a Zen garden. Can a machine, which is traditionally intended to execute functional or repetitive tasks, really fulfill this role or is spirituality reserved solely for humans?

A physical swarm and herd simulation

Migrate simuliert Herdenverhalten und Migrationsmuster in spekulativen Roboterökosystemen und ermöglicht es uns, Muster des Wettbewerbs und der Kooperation in einem System von „Spezies“ zu entdecken.

An Artifact-Bound, Augmented-Reality Powered Social Interface

An AI-based Musical Companion