Sound performance “Techno-soils. Vibrofabricat”
Boris Shershenkov (RU)

Sound performance “Techno-soils. Vibrofabricat "isdedicated to working with vibrationalfields of urban techno-soils. The streams of mechanicalenergy captured with the geophonesbecome audible when the equilibrium states of theauthor's electroacoustic system of thePhonotrone type are violated.

Sound performance “Insects Orchestra: Underground”
Andrey Bundin (RU), Roman Smirnov (RU), Ksenia Bahtina (RU), Evgenii Khlopotov (RU), Anton Shchegolev (RU), Natalia Grishina (RU), Anastasia Birulia (RU)

A performance of a laptop orchestra is based on the research and artistic reflection of the underground world's sonic nature. Acoustic material of the work consists of sounds recorded using contact microphones attached to the ground, trees, rocks. In addition, performers use musical expression interface and sound synthesis engine, specifically developed for this performance. Every performer plays a specific part, and then all parts are combined into a complex spatial sound field.

Hum of the Earth
Liliia Akivenson (RU), Evgenii Savenko (RU)

A sound performance based on a joint project that arose from two elements: noise, and an anthropological interest in how people react to the spontaneous invasion by «unthinkable sound» of their private and hermetic sound reality. Every audible sound has its source, but what could we do with the sudden appearance of unfamiliar disturbing noises that persistently change everyday life towards total unrecognisability? The mythologeme of the «Hum of the Earth» interests artists as a vantage from which to interpret non-everyday noise and its contexts: from the subjective-affective to the mass-eschatological.

Performance "Postcompost"
Anastasya Kizilova (RU)

A turning point in human history was the discovery of Louis Pasteur's microbiology and the victory over infectious diseases in the mid-19th century. In an instant, the science of hygiene became a set of superstitions. In today's world, concepts of hygiene are controversial.

Ground of Care and Control - Part 2
Sybille Neumeyer (DE), Julia Vergazova (RU), Nikolay Ulyanov (RU), Liliia Akivenson (RU), Evgenii Savenko (RU), Alla Mitrofanova (RU)

To care is to give: to give shelter to life, life-saving antibiotics (Sybille Neumeyer), gentle footsteps (Julia Vergazova and Nikolay Ulyanov) or a voice (Liliia Akivenson and Evgenii Savenko). But who is the giver and who is the receiver in the human-soil relationship? How will technologies help us take care of the soil and hear it? And where is the invisible border between care and control among the dominant logic of agricultural productivity?

Ground of Care and Control - Part 1
Aleksandr Kapitonov (RU), Maria Sviridova (RU), Andrey Lazukin (RU), Grigorii Kirgizov (RU)

Technology mediates our relations to the biosphere, codifies and shapes them. They can constitute a means of both care and control. Today, they codify primarily the second element: exhaustive control and accelerating exploitation. In this conference we'll try to look at the first element—care—and hear from scientists and engineers who try to make technologies more careful towards nature and point us to technosymbiotic possibilities.

From Seedling to the Sky
Natalia Fedorova (RU)

An artist talk by Natalia Fedorova, “From Seedling to the Sky”, will cover bioart projects with a dendrological focus. In Olga Kisseleva’s “EDEN”, the memories of trees are addressed to help geographically remote trees, and possibly humans, avoid catastrophic scenarios. In “Tree ID”, by Agness Mayer Brandis, the tree is addressed as a possible bearer of different Umwelten, or sensual perceptions of the world, through volatile organic components.