Festival Enrollment
Supported by Sparkasse Oberösterreich

Immerse yourself in the first Festival University of Johannes Kepler University and Ars Electronica! In the form of a "Festival Enrollment", you can experience the Festival University in the context of Ars Electronica 2021 through a selected program.

Deep Space Selection

Deep Space 8K Selection offers a bilingual overview (German and English) of the highlights from the Ars Electronica Center’s regular Deep Space 8K program.

Earth from Space
ESA (EU), Ars Electronica Solutions (AT)

The view of the Earth from space is the only perspective that allows us to observe changes on our planet. To demonstrate the relevance and value of Earth observation in terms of environmental and socio-economic benefits, the journey takes us to current issues around climate change with a virtual presentation. Satellite images provide the impressive views of the Earth that document and evaluate the changes.

Lecture: Insights into current developments in the field of neurotechnology
g.tec (AT)

g.tec's Michael Schwarzgruber will hold a lecture about the current developments and uses of neurotechnologies, including a presentation of recoveriX.

Erika Mondria (AT)

Your digital brainwaves turn into messages with the neuro-interactive BCI-device “brain-messenger.”

Futurelab Anniversary Day

The Ars Electronica Futurelab turns 25 – a good reason to look back to the future. With Alchemists of the Future, the Ars Electronica Festival presents a hybrid space that connects people to contribute to “A New Digital Deal”.


Zanshin (Gregor Ladenhauf) is a musician, sound artist and producer of electronic music from Vienna, Austria. The name "Zanshin" is a concept from Japanese martial arts and translates roughly as "balanced mind", reflecting his many inspirations and interests - correspondingly he tries to channel his ideas mostly into three creative outlets: As Zanshin he releases music on Affine Records and disko404 and his tracks and remixes are covering a broad range from driving, polyrhythmic dancefloor affairs to experimental beatless sonic structures, sometimes massive, sometimes fragile.

Siri, such "Programmiererin": Was tun gegen den Digital Gender Divide in Österreich?
Ars Electronica x Initiative Digitalisierung Chancengerecht, Ingrid Brodnig (AT), Christiane Spiel (AT), Gerfried Stocker (AT), Carina Zehetmaier (AT), Mariana Karepova (AT), Martina Mara (AT), Doris Schmidauer (AT) 

In the context of Ars Electronica 2021, the "Initiative Digitalisierung Chancengerecht" (IDC) launched by Doris Schmidauer invites high-ranking experts from the fields of education, technology, business, culture and media to a panel discussion, which we will address the following questions: What are the causes of the digital gender divide? What concrete measures need to be taken in Austria to create digital equality of opportunity for women?

Art Thinking Forum
Hakuhodo x Ars Electronica

The Art Thinking Forum is a platform created jointly by Ars Electronica and Hakuhodo to discuss and exchange ideas on how to utilize art for a better society. The forum will discuss the role of art in the future through cutting-edge examples of creative chemical reactions between various fields and art.

Prix Forum

The Prix Forum is an open discussion between the top three winners of Prix Ars Electronica 2021 and the jury.