Gigapixel 3D Scan of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”
Emilien Leonhardt / HIROX EUROPE - JYFEL​

Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece Girl with a Pearl Earring is known worldwide, but only a few people have seen its individual pigments. Discover the biggest microscopic gigapixel scan of a work of art, ever, to see the master's techniques! Explore the micro-panorama of the full painting captured by state-of-the-art Hirox 3D microscopes, with a custom XYZ stand at a resolution so high you can print it the size of a building, and true color 3D modeling as if you were holding the painting in your hands!

Mark Chavez (US/SG), Victoria Primus (AT), Ina Conradi (US/SG), Tate Chavez (US)

Nocturne is a reflection of the current state affairs after one year of pandemic. Created as a rite of spring, this large-scale, immersive installation uses interactive and audio-reactive visuals with emotive-abstraction animation, mapping emotions, and design with the real-time flow of a dance performance.

Gigapixel 3D Scan of Picasso’s “GUERNICA ”
Reina Sofia, Spanish Embassy

In collaboration with the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Madrid, Ars Electronica, with the kind support of the Spanish Embassy in Vienna, will present a gigapixel image of Picasso's famous masterpiece, GUERNICA, as well as sketches created by photographers at the Reina Sofía.

Branch Magazine Symposium

This year's theme conference explores how the internet should serve our collective liberation and ecological sustainability. Branch Magazine, the recipients of the first-ever Ars Electronica Award for Digital Humanity, offers four panels unpacking climate justice, solarpunk, sustainable digitalization, solidarity and care as well as low-carbon design and education.

Quayola (IT) / Seta (IT)

Transient - Impermanent paintings is an audiovisual concert for motorized piano and conductor in collaboration with generative algorithms. Hyper-realistic digital brushstrokes articulate endlessly on a large-scale projection as if on a real canvas. Each brushstroke is sonified with a piano note, creating polyphonic synesthetic landscapes. Transient starts a new direction in Quayola Studio, where experimentation extends to sound through unconventional generative systems. This project features Quayola’s studio collaborator and musician Andrea Santicchia aka Seta.

Through the eyes of AI: Historical 3D pictures from Linz
Dr. Walter Schuster (AT), Ali Nikrang (AT)

We present photographs taken around 1900 with a special camera using two lenses that have a distance roughly equal to that of the human eye. The images show panoramic views, well-known buildings and everyday scenes in Linz and the surrounding area at the time. As the original images are in black and white, we use AI technology to identify the correct colors for each pixel in the image. The result can be seen in high resolution in Deep Space 8K.

Post-Dervish Chant: WORKSHOP
Smirna Kulenovic (BA)

Post-Dervish Dance Method Workshop offers the participants a chance to experience a contemporary approach to the ancient methodology of Dervish Dance as an active meditation form, while immersed in the visualization of their movement in Deep Space 8K Studio. This form aims to improve one’s physical, emotional and psychological awareness by introducing trance states of interconnectedness with the environment and oneself. As participants learn how to continuously whirl for an extended period of time, they gain a novel perception of what is transpiring as they are whirling. For both dancers and people without previous movement experience, this workshop encourages to follow intuitive and instinctual movement and vocalization, without any expectations of the outcome.

Post-Dervish Chant
Smirna Kulenovic (BA) & TAZ 22 (IR, DE, PL, USA/GR, RS, CZ), Indiara Di Benedetto (IT)

A transdisciplinary performance situated as a contemporary interactive audiovisual and performative research of traditional Dervish dance methods. The process of repetitive whirling in traditional Dervish dance allows the performers to enter a trance state which extends into an experimental, novel and spontaneous movement vocabulary that attempts to embody the relationship between diffraction, memory and vulnerability in post-pandemic, human and non-human materialities. The processual employment of dance, movement and vocalization becomes a form of inquiry, rooted in personal documentary approaches done by each participating artist.

Generative Arts
Campus Hagenberg, Fachhochschule Oberösterreich (AT)

Deep Space in the Ars Electronica Center is not solely a venue for showing artistic and educational content, but also an active laboratory for experiments in interaction and perception. Three student works from the Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria were developed within this student lab context over the past year.

Is it you, my dear AI or is it me?
Bruckmayr_Dorninger (AT)

In "Is it you, my dear AI or is it me?" Wolfgang Dorninger works with small sound tools that he soldered himself, but also with autogenerative, software-based sound modules. These are tools he uses to trigger inspiration. Didi Bruckmayr dreams with the machines, which send messages to each other. As then he marches along a beam into the abstract landscapes of the ”signed distance fields.” Sometimes he ”speaks in tongues” and all this in real time 3-D.