Time, Space, Me, Us.

About Time

Ivana Kalc (HR)

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Mentor: Prof. Jasna Hribernik (SI)

MA thesis project in progress

The theme I investigate in my work is related to the concept of time. Time is a dimension that we are not really able to understand or grasp completely. It is invisible, not susceptible to our direct influence – it just flows, independently form our actions. Only our perception of time is something we can manipulate and distort. This installation is a try-out to experiment with possibilities we have in interpreting, describing, physicalizing and manipulating time, but also playing with our perception of time. It is a work in progress, an experiment on the subject of temporal dimension in art.


Ivana Kalc, born in Rijeka, Croatia, is a freelance dance artist. After her formal education in Rijeka, she continued with contemporary dance studies in Austria (SEAD – Salzburg, Anton Bruckner Private University – Linz). She is currently the MA student of Media Arts and Practices programme at University of Nova Gorica School of Arts.