And We Thought

And We Thought

Roberto Fassone (IT)

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And We Thought is a multimedia art project that integrates art and AI. Through an unconventional machine learning approach, visual artist Roberto Fassone fed Ai Lai, an artificial intelligence, with thousands of psychedelic trip reports. Ai Lai elaborated and generated new texts that became the foundation for a series of new works: a book, a series of videos, posters and a rap album. A universe of imaginative and synaesthetic experiences.


Roberto Fassone’s research revolves around titles, Prince, creative structures, trip reports, lucid dreaming, tarot cards, and other parallel realities. In recent years, among others, Fassone has exhibited and performed his work at: Visions du Réel, Nyon; Gabrovo Biennial; Macro, Rome; Zkm; Karlsruhe; MOCAK, Krakow; Quadriennale di Roma; Fanta-MLN, Milan.


Roberto Fassone and Ai Lai (creative-commons)