Post-Intelligent Artificial Humanism


Änne Ball (DE), Anna Brauwers (DE), Anastasia Scherf (DE)

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Can an AI be creative? What will art look like in a future where AI takes over most jobs currently done by humans? In this experience everyone can get an individual portrait — but the “artist” is a robot. This experience is similar to being drawn by a street caricature artist. How does it feel when the artist is a robot instead of a human and the human part of the interaction vanishes?


Änne Ball has a bachelor’s degree in communication design from University of Applied Sciences Berlin. She participated in the current collaborative project to better understand the world of coding. Her heart beats for typography, graphic design, brand design, illustrations, user-friendly design and humorous language games. Currently, Änne is training to become a UX designer.

Anna Brauwers is a multimedia designer and coder currently studying Creative Technologies (M.A.) at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. She loves creating experiences on topics like AI, Human Connection, Data and the Future of Art in the form of interactive installations and web apps.

Anastasia Scherf is a multi-disciplinary designer with a degree in graphic- and a bachelor’s degree in communication design. Her independent projects combine science, speculation, philosophy and humor. Currently Anastasia works as a freelancer with an analytical and problem-solving approach — from the idea to the strategy and the final product.