Guest Projects

Deep Water

Anna Dudko (UA)

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Bildraum 07, Burggasse 7-9, 1070 Wien
August 23 - September 10, 2022, 13:00 - 18:00

Hosted by Ars Electronica at Bildraum 07, Vienna

In her animated film Deep Water and her erotic sketches, the award-winning Ukrainian artist Anna Dudko stages the sensual underwater fantasy of a mermaid who is craving human erotic love from deep within her soul. This full-bodied mermaid does not hide her woman’s desires and takes pleasure in observing the human world along a drain and touching people with water as if with her body.
After being part of the programme of more than twenty international festivals (Animafest Zagreb, ANIFILM, Fantoche IAFF, Stuttgart ITFS…) and already winning several international awards, her animated film Deep Water will be shown in Austria at Bildraum 07 for the very first time.
In the exhibition, the film will be presented along with erotic sketches and film backgrounds created by Yana “ja-shi” Shypova and Olga Havrylova


Anna Dudko is a director, screenwriter and animator from Ukraine. She was born in 1996, studied Design in Kyiv, and obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2017. While at university Anna became passionate about animation and she gained her first professional experience as an animator in the Chervoniy Sobaka animation studio. Over the next five years she made two animated films: Here by Herself and Deep Water which were presented at many festivals around the world.