Worlds in Progress

Detachment Trilogy, Part I: Proof and Argument

Nimrod Astarhan (IL)

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Entering into a conversation with Milorad Pavic’s 1984 novel Dictionary of the Khazars, Detachment Trilogy, Part I: Proof and Argument investigates the artist’s own hereditary connection to the nomadic Turkic Khazars of the sixth, seventh, and eighth centuries. A speculative, archeological “stone slab” UV-printed onto birch plywood recalls the premodern civilization and its textual connection to modern-day Eastern European politics, while the artist is found in discourse with past and present Jewish relatives in a digital, three-dimensional generated kingdom on screen.


Nimrod Astarhan is an artist, technologist, and lecturer in the Multidisciplinary Art School at the Shenkar College of Engineering, Art and Design where he teaches Digital Art and other courses at the intersection of art, digital practices and critical theory.