State of the ART(ist)


Ivan Svitlychnyi (UA)

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Today we see that there are no local epidemics or wars, no isolated environment, but we have a common home, one planet, and its wellbeing depends on everyone’s efforts.

In this context, perhaps awareness of the environmental consequences of our actions must become a fundamental principle in art, an author’s filter for endorsing artistic ideas. In the project Donate, the viewer is an active participant, who provides the life of an art object (and forms it) by donating electricity. Donate consists of a site ( and a light installation that is powered by donating electricity.

How do you donate electricity?

Donors look for ways to conserve electricity in their everyday lives, such as using fewer light sources, optimizing washing machine cycles, etc. The donor then enters the information about the donation (the power of the electrical equipment and the time it was not used) on the project site. The collected energy is the only resource that powers the installation.

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