Shored, My Ruin(ed) City

Elephant; a Translation of Collective Identity

78 Studio: Adam Nuttall (UK), Louis Stephenson (UK), William Weston (UK)

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As a studio, we question the usefulness of this shifting landscape to the people that inhabit it, in order to develop a place in which memories provide a sentimental backdrop to the lived experience. The rich musical history of Coventry may provide invaluable insight into the Genius Loci that possess the ability to transcend generations and lend commanding voices to the unheard.

Theoretical structures manifest themselves in built form through the assemblage of Coventry’s musical Loci. A machine will facilitate connections with the city through active recording, archiving and reconfiguration of a ballroom, a fire-bombed pub, a rave venue, all with an innate relationship with the urban sound.