(In)Tangible Future(s)

Empathic Apathy

Miguel Santos (PT), Margarita Köhl (AT)

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A written correspondence about the meaning of empathy in diverse contexts (socio-political, technological, philosophical, ecological) forms the starting point of a collaborative narrative that slowly evolves and encourages interspecies dialogue: In this eco-empathic experiment the emerging text will used as a source to be interpreted by two or three or more inhabitants (Machines? Other species? Dinosaurs?) from planet B, C, D, E, raising the question of whether all this is somehow different versions of the same lack of empathy.


Miguel Santos is an artist and a researcher based in Lisbon. His work combines art and science perspectives and is formulated in installations, sculptures, videos and photography. He was awarded a PhD in Fine Arts from Sheffield Hallam University (2011, UK) and now, is a research fellow at LIDA-ESAD.CR, Leiria Polytechnic, Portugal.

Margarita Köhl is a transdisciplinary researcher and curator with a focus on affective and emotional aspects of technology appropriation and critical design. She holds a PhD in Communication Studies (University of Vienna) and an MA in Arts & Cultural Management, East Asian Studies and Art History. Currently, she is the head of the Department of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, Austria.