Interverse of Things


Harpreet Sareen (US/IN/JP), Yibo Fu (CN/US), Yasuaki Kakehi (JP)

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Ephemera is an installation composed of glass vessels that are hydrophobically treated for controlled micro/nano structures on surfaces. On pouring a carbonated liquid, bubble generation is activated, with bubbles of carbon dioxide of various sizes sticking at defined points on the surface. These bubble images and patterns are stable for one day before they start to gradually shrink and disappear.


Harpreet Sareen is a scientist/designer who creates bionic materials and hybrid substrates for the fabrication of future ecological machinery sensing systems and interaction design.

Yibo Fu is a designer, fabricator and researcher based in New York, where he is currently pursuing an MFA at Parsons School of Design.

Yasuaki Kakehi is a media artist, HCI researcher, and professor at The University of Tokyo. By combining digital technology and physical materials he has created installation works that show alternative ways of experiencing environments and objects.