Ars Electronica Gardens Exhibition


Garden Aotearoa

arc/sec Lab the University of Auckland (NZ), DARA Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)

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Seit 2020 ist der Ars Electronica Garden Aotearoa der Beitrag aus Neuseeland zum internationalen Ars Electronica Festival. Er ist ein bidirektionales Portal zur Besichtigung der kreativen und aufstrebenden Technologieszene des Südpazifiks, zusammengesetzt aus Projekten neuseeländischer Technolog*innen, Künstler*innen und Universitätsforscher*innen.

Das arc/sec Lab an der University of Auckland (UoA) und die Digital Architecture Research Alliance (DARA) an der Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) sind stolz, mit einer Auswahl von vier Projekten in der neuseeländischen Ausstellung beim diesjährigen Ars Electronica Festival vertreten zu sein.


The arc/sec Lab for Cyber-Physical Design and Interactive Systems is based at the University of Auckland. The Lab explores real time Reactive Architecture through the fusion of digital information and physical constructions. The arc/sec team works in different constellations and across diverse disciplines. Large-scale prototypes and installations at the Lab are the starting point for both the development of practice-oriented applications and a speculation on the future of our built environment.

DARA (Digital Architecture Research Alliance) is a research platform that takes its roots from the emerging and computable patterns of cities and cultures to lead spatial design towards a multi-dimensional and -nodal integration. DARA, located at the Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand collaborates with digital instruments and designers to lead people-focused spatial design for a liveable future environment.


Assoc. Professor Uwe Rieger, arc/sec Lab, UoA
Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel, DARA, VUW
Yinan Liu, arc/sec Lab, UoA
Tane Moleta, DARA, VUW