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Vasily Kuzmich (UA)

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Video letter from Ukraine

Mentor: Prof. Rene Rusjan

Video letter from Ukraine.

Good morning, son! It is now 8:20, March 4th. We survived one more night. We are alive and the hell goes on. The issue of community during the pandemic was still reverberating when war broke out in our neighborhood. Vasily Kuzmich has already dealt with the theme of “home” in some of his previous works. This time he sends us a video letter from Ukraine and invites, even forces, us to stop and come closer. Close enough to feel the pain of a mother, sending short text messages to her son.


Vasily is an art student born in Kirovograd, Ukraine. He firstly graduated from the Odessa’s Grekova Art School at the Faculty of Sculpture, and now he is finishing the BA study in new media at the Digital Arts and Practices programme at University of Nova Gorica School of Arts. He received Student Award at 27th International Festival of Computer Arts Maribor 2021 (Slovenia) with “Breath of the Wind”, an audio-medetative installation.