Deep Space 8K


Smirna Kulenovic (BA), Christina Zhang (CN), Vahid Qaderi (IR)

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Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space 8K
Zutritt nur mit Platzkarte. Platzkarten für diese Präsentation im Deep Space 8K sind am selben Tag ab 10:00 Uhr beim Infodesk im Ars Electronica Center erhältlich.
SORRY, THIS EVENT WAS CANCELLED! Due to the illness of a participant, we unfortunately have to cancel this presentation at short notice.

Huu is a virtual mnemonic landscape based on personal histories of 22 survivors of sexual violence in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992-1995 and the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994. The voices of these women and men inhabit an archipelago of floating islands, where each ecosystem reveals memories of a particular participant, on their journey from trauma to healing. We travel through these islands as wind, creating subtle gestures over waters and plant species, unveiling the documentary audio-recordings.

As an intersection between ecological and personal memories, this project creates a safe space for survivors to tell their stories, giving them a chance to speak up about experiences which oftentimes remain taboo in their local societies. Huu makes it possible for participants from geographically distant war and genocide-torn countries to unite in a virtual space and co-create a healing archipelago.


Smirna Kulenović is a transdisciplinary artist, activist and researcher; born in Sarajevo (BA) during the war, currently based in Vienna, Austria. Her practice focuses on performance, participatory, and public art — as methods of addressing cultural, personal and environmental embodiments of trauma, identity and memory in post-war landscapes. Her latest artistic research focuses on mnemonic landscapes, interspecies rituals and dialogue. She now works as a guest lecturer for interactive performance art at Interface Cultures (University of Art and Design Linz) and Dance Institute (Anton Bruckner Private University).


Artist: Smirna Kulenovic
Assistant: Christina Zhang
Audio Design: Vahid Qaderi
Technical Support: PureWeb, Nada
Organizational Partners: Justice for Women (NL) Impact: Center against Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence in Conflict (NL) Medica Zenica (BA) Solace Ministries (RW) KUMA International PureWebArtistic
Educational Partners: Yale University (Yale College, Yale School of Architecture, and Yale CCAM)

This year’s Festival programme in Deep Space 8K is kindly supported by Dorotheum and Linz AG
DorotheumLinz AG